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Impulse is all about taking Survival Minecraft to the next level through automation. In the channel you will find showcases, tutorials, and a Let's Play series on the Hermitcraft server. I also stream on Twitch at

System Specs:
Processor: Intel Core i9-9960X
CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X72 360mm - All-In-One RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
Memory: G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series 64GB (4 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4
Video Card: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080TI Overclocked 11G GDDR6
Storage: 2x Storage: Samsung - 970 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive
Power Supply: CORSAIR RMx Series, RM1000x, 1000 Watt, 80+ Gold Certified, Fully Modular
Case: Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C Gunmetal TG ATX Mid Tower with Window
Keyboard: Logitech G910
Mouse: Logitech G602
Microphone: Shure SM7B

Hulsey - 17 timer siden
Name the baby chicken Tom!
TyTyAMV - 17 timer siden
How about..... Prince Clucks! lol
Enderdemon - 17 timer siden
The baby should be called nugget
Leo Lord
Leo Lord - 17 timer siden
Thomas Horsman
Thomas Horsman - 17 timer siden
That’s the 4th time the mansion was built 🤣
shrider180 - 17 timer siden
Could name the little chicken McNugget
Kathryn Baker
Kathryn Baker - 17 timer siden
_JustAnotherKid_ 2021_
_JustAnotherKid_ 2021_ - 17 timer siden
Pillagers: Guys relax! We’re just trying to share _OUR_ *Tortino PIZZA ROLLS*
Easton Jeffery
Easton Jeffery - 17 timer siden
TOD The Other Drumstick
Fire tastic
Fire tastic - 17 timer siden
Call him chicken wing
Tony Schwartz
Tony Schwartz - 17 timer siden
For the baby chicken, you should name it nugget or teriyaki.
Daniel Peña
Daniel Peña - 17 timer siden
Bdubs and impulse being old is wholesome
Exayevie - 17 timer siden
That mansion flip deserved at least 20, finished or not!
Sharky4evaGirl - 17 timer siden
Drumstick and Nugget
Chanyoung Oh
Chanyoung Oh - 17 timer siden
impulse: "oops I almost hit a tree"
CaveGamer1 0
CaveGamer1 0 - 17 timer siden
only you
Night Wing
Night Wing - 17 timer siden
chicken nugget
Night Wing
Night Wing - 17 timer siden
chicken nugget
Froggary - 17 timer siden
Maybe call the other chicken Nugget or Dip
TheSharkentist 47
TheSharkentist 47 - 17 timer siden
Now there are 2 left halves, impulse why?
shrider180 - 17 timer siden
She fell for Grains chair fall trap....and she said this means war...prepare yourselves
Mercedes Dockrill
Mercedes Dockrill - 17 timer siden
You should name the baby chicken, Nugget
Everton José
Everton José - 17 timer siden
you absolute madman
Kohl Miller
Kohl Miller - 17 timer siden
THE BACK IF MY HEAD IS A PRISTINE WAFFLE AND I WONT HEAR A WORD AGAINST IT - Grian 2021 Am I the only person who thinks he sounds like every mom in the history of moms?
Source - 17 timer siden
New chicken name(someone probably have suggested this before but I haven't looked at the comments yet so idk) should be Guitarstring
WindFisher - 17 timer siden
does everyone on hermit craft have the schematics for this mansion
Paolo Binkley
Paolo Binkley - 17 timer siden
name for the baby chicken: Drumstick Jr
LunaTorki - 17 timer siden
The amount of times Grian’s mansion has been moved is getting a little out of hand. ^^
Jamonster 123
Jamonster 123 - 17 timer siden
baby chickens name could be licky the chicky
sgtBacon - 17 timer siden
Name suggestion for the little chicken: "Caesar" Get it? Chicken Caesar...
V3locity7 - 17 timer siden
name for baby chicken ckickira because shakira and chick hahahah very funny nvm
Anym - 17 timer siden
I give it about 2 seconds after cleo has uploaded a video that people will spam "IMPULSVE FLIPPED TEH MENSION!"
Luke Latenser
Luke Latenser - 17 timer siden
Fred the chicken
DEADNOUGHT 269 - 17 timer siden
I thought the head band hair style was gogles correct me if i spelled gogles wrong
johnpaul kohler
johnpaul kohler - 17 timer siden
Name the baby symbol
45 Potato
45 Potato - 17 timer siden
Now mansion will never be whole, with two left halves they cannot be connected once more
John Minecraft
John Minecraft - 17 timer siden
ViIvaNunner - 17 timer siden
so... if the k-man doesnt revert the flip when he gets his base back, and if the mansion ends up in season 8 too... would there be two right sides?
Dallas Bean
Dallas Bean - 17 timer siden
Little chicken has got to be nugget of course. Also, steal the plane
Kacper Niznik
Kacper Niznik - 17 timer siden
Steve Kravitz
Steve Kravitz - 17 timer siden
Can we please name the baby tom (context all of the actual drums are called toms except the one that’s furthest to the left)
Richard Scott
Richard Scott - 17 timer siden
Because you named the one drumstick, name the other mallet.
SeerOfTerribleOmens - 17 timer siden
Re Cleo's laughter: it was astounded, delighted and, most certainly, going to get revenge.
Julius - 17 timer siden
Names Chickenfinger, to continue the drum theme: Snare or Crash.
mrsiddy - 17 timer siden
Tom for the little one.
Dayron Perez
Dayron Perez - 17 timer siden
Name the baby chicken Manchiboo
Edgemando - 17 timer siden
#1LennyFan - 17 timer siden
Name da little Bebe chicken “scrambled”
Dreamsofheartful - 17 timer siden
Name for new chick: Nugget
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy - 17 timer siden
Drumstick and Wings
George Hartnagle
George Hartnagle - 17 timer siden
i mean, litematica, which was obviously used, makes things pretty easy mode.
CoolStarWarsKid - 17 timer siden
Name him The Chicken in the Chicken costume
It's Timmy
It's Timmy - 17 timer siden
boat, or but
Pasta - 17 timer siden
you need to change your channel logo now to be blond
mrsiddy - 17 timer siden
Awesome due Dude.
Ellie Hunt
Ellie Hunt - 17 timer siden
it used to belong to me! -grian That made me laugh so much haha
Kyan Ross
Kyan Ross - 17 timer siden
Drumstick jr as a new name
_ INFERNALIZARD _ - 17 timer siden
14:54, more like drumchick
Cameron Stricker
Cameron Stricker - 17 timer siden
Call the second chicken “other drumstick” lol
The Lioneer
The Lioneer - 17 timer siden
You should name the baby chicken "drumtwig"
Mackabee YT
Mackabee YT - 17 timer siden
scar showed were the sewer is
Green Kamealion
Green Kamealion - 17 timer siden
Ian B
Ian B - 17 timer siden
The hermit crafters don’t get enough credit
Porter Stevenson
Porter Stevenson - 17 timer siden
You should name the other one wishbone
le beans
le beans - 17 timer siden
New chicken name: Colonel
Sara Jay
Sara Jay - 17 timer siden
Little chick should be called nugget lol
Rasmus Vandelbjerg Ladegaard
Rasmus Vandelbjerg Ladegaard - 17 timer siden
Just name the chicken drum (a bit violent)
dario castello
dario castello - 17 timer siden
You should change the logo, at least temporarily
Nava Reeves
Nava Reeves - 17 timer siden
Name the baby "Nugget" because it's a little baby chicken. like so he sees this.
Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick - 17 timer siden
The clean duckling scientifically tour because manager observationally saw athwart a ceaseless south africa. short, ratty geometry
YoImGoingToTakeAGreg - 17 timer siden
All of the hair choices had the letter I. The third one had an "eye". *cue laghfter sound efect*
That weswee
That weswee - 17 timer siden
any logdotzip fans realize the drumstick name? no.. just me... ok
Ashpoker - 17 timer siden
18:19 beacon -> beacon effect in the sewers ? hmmm + there is a cat. Keralis has villagers in the barn, right ?
William Wilson
William Wilson - 17 timer siden
Name for new one: Chicken Little
Endercraft - 17 timer siden
Chick name: Chickpulse
Bunyan420 - 17 timer siden
So now because of Impulse two of the same halfs of a house exist and one whole side is gone
TheFleaby RL
TheFleaby RL - 17 timer siden
Chicken name : drumstick 2
Ena Bonny Baker
Ena Bonny Baker - 17 timer siden
Chicken names? I’m still thinking jack. C’mon MandJtv fans we can do this.
Robert Prije
Robert Prije - 17 timer siden
That house flip was definitely worth more points. It was magnitudes more effort than bdubs' 8 point forklift. Bdubs was prepared to give you 25 and I reckon you could have pushed a little for that. Unfinished interior is irrelevant to the game and shouldn't lose you points. In any case, it makes it more noticeable. Your collab and shenanigans this season are top quality, Impulse!
SilkFortune - 17 timer siden