Among Us (Proximity Mod) With Grian, Bdubs, Etho, Scar, Tango, Ren, and Friends!

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See what happens when I get together with Grian, Bdubs, Etho, Scar, Tango, Ren, Skizzleman, SmallishBeans, and Pungence to play some Among Us using the Proximity Mod! If you want to see more Among Us with friends in the future, please leave a like and let me know in the comments below.
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Runtime: 23:49


impulseSV - 21 dag siden
Download Core to play and create PC games for FREE:
Thanks for sponsoring this video Core!
Owen Mitchell
Owen Mitchell - 18 dager siden
I actually tried core out after this video and I am enjoying it so far; it seems great! Apparently these sponsorships do work lol
Marcel Schattenberg
Marcel Schattenberg - 19 dager siden
No one told me i needed Envidia :(
dexter tjoa
dexter tjoa - 20 dager siden
I won't even try downloading Core cuz im using a potato PC.
SmilednathanplayzGamez - 20 dager siden
@Christopher Mahony no
ImitableFool - 20 dager siden
@HerobrineS1588 yes
Lance - 2 timer siden
Scar's "no!" 2:42
Torben Mayer
Torben Mayer - 2 timer siden
9:48 by far the best part
"I don't know how I'm alive, to be honest" - "Because your knife was pointing in the other direction"
Stalker O’ Flame
Stalker O’ Flame - 4 timer siden
That was a How To Be Imposter best example
Bambuskus505 - 21 time siden
Impulse be big brain
Restless Thoughts
Restless Thoughts - 3 dager siden
Awesome! :) Love watching you all playing this game, so funny and fun!
StrangeTonic - 4 dager siden
Poor Joker is going to have trust issues forever now. That round makes me laugh every time I watch it.
Everything Pizza And Knuckles
Impulse, you sound very unenthused for the entire video. You doing alright?
Miriam Lowry
Miriam Lowry - 10 dager siden
The part at 2:38 where Scar is silent so Impulse kills him and then you hear his delayed reaction took me out
Shayer S. Utsho
Shayer S. Utsho - 11 dager siden
Impulse is the most overly cautious impostor ever
Noel Kinsella
Noel Kinsella - 12 dager siden
Grian has a secret bass
Cleilion TORRES
Cleilion TORRES - 12 dager siden
Hey impulseSV when your sabatoge you need to walk away don't standstill
Brandon Chow
Brandon Chow - 12 dager siden
Impulse is becoming a conspiracy theorist. The HCBBS and now this.
Matija Medved
Matija Medved - 13 dager siden
Amaizing play Impulse!!! Love this faking :D
Ok - 13 dager siden
This game brings out psychopathic tendencies in the most unlikely people.
Ok - 13 dager siden
15:01 "I trust skiz and I trust you, don't let me down"
Aw that sucks considering he was itching to kill you.
Johny Blacker
Johny Blacker - 13 dager siden
Bdubs in the first round was like the annoying little cousin who just follows you around and talks
Amanda Fletcher
Amanda Fletcher - 13 dager siden
This was hilarious. I'm sure i saw this from Tangotek pov too, but can't for the life of me find it on yt / twitch. Does anyone know where it is, or did i imagine it? Ty x
SuperPup Studios
SuperPup Studios - 15 dager siden
What exactly does the proximity mod do?
Hikaro Karrdey
Hikaro Karrdey - 15 dager siden
Wait so does the proximity mod mean the vc turns on and off whenever your near someone
Melissa Welch
Melissa Welch - 15 dager siden
Yay, Joel was in this video!!
Lukas Stofferis
Lukas Stofferis - 15 dager siden
R.I.P Joker
ClaireChan - 15 dager siden
If this was streamed, is there a way to watch the whole stream of it?
Levia S
Levia S - 16 dager siden
For the record I like the edited versions way better 😭😂
Faithy Puppy
Faithy Puppy - 16 dager siden
Bdubs and Pungence sound exactly like each other.
Ethna Meisner
Ethna Meisner - 16 dager siden
Smallish beans the entire time: 0_0 oh and he also went --_--
ETHAN WEBER - 16 dager siden
pungence was there, no way
Luke McKinney
Luke McKinney - 16 dager siden
i thought that bdubs was talking (it was pungence), and then the speaker said bdubs was coming from that way, and i literally freaked me out
Hammero - 16 dager siden
Theory: Roblox = Core?
Lucas Riley
Lucas Riley - 16 dager siden
2:44 You can hear Scar going "Nooo!"
Jax - 17 dager siden
top 10 anime betrayals
Don't reply
Don't reply - 17 dager siden
Damn I really feel bad for joker the betrayal hahahahah it hurts
Cutwitha Knife
Cutwitha Knife - 17 dager siden
Am I wierd but I just don’t like the proximity mod
Cutwitha Knife
Cutwitha Knife - 17 dager siden
Ok the ghost sound in imps ear is kinda funny
CryoChick - 17 dager siden
Can you not give a summary at the start
I would rather not know what I am getting into with how the rounds go
CryoChick - 16 dager siden
@Lylum Gaming ahh yes Helpfull when you fast foward into it or past the start What he is doing is spoiling his own content
Lylum Gaming
Lylum Gaming - 16 dager siden
You can fast forward the video. Shocking.
MrFixxit - 17 dager siden
That ding was epic
Spiffy - 17 dager siden
Man, brother like brother, I can't tell Bdub's and Pungence's voices apart
Silver Rayn
Silver Rayn - 17 dager siden
Does anyone have the link to the livestream where Grian and Pungence played?
Daniel Stoiber
Daniel Stoiber - 18 dager siden
Great video! It'd be great if you could credit Ottomated for the proximity mod.
Rachel Andres
Rachel Andres - 18 dager siden
The best thing about this is when a person was killed there was always an “awwweehhh 🤦🏼‍♀️” coming from the half-person-thing
Family SEF
Family SEF - 18 dager siden
Impusle you have a secret base in your base
FNAF and Undertale can be friends
@Family SEF Nah mate, I think he has a secret base in his comments **I say after sorting by newest comments and scrolling down to see Hermitcraft Recap saying "This is a secret base ~Zloy"**
Family SEF
Family SEF - 18 dager siden
This is a joke, refering to when you found grians base
StarStable Tijd
StarStable Tijd - 18 dager siden
Pungence sounds exactly like bdubs- lol
Kvothe Alar
Kvothe Alar - 18 dager siden
Oh man that last game was brutal. Well played. GG
KYEDGE - 18 dager siden
I could have fixed the reactor and voted Mr. Skizzleman out, but I'm not Impulse.
XR Sera
XR Sera - 18 dager siden
2:43 the after death😂
shay campbell
shay campbell - 18 dager siden
The top comment on both impulse's and tango's video is how pungence and bdubs sound the same
MrWitchblade - 18 dager siden
Change your name, lol.
So funny.
Jennifer - 18 dager siden
I loved that round with joker but I felt so bad for him cause the next round his trust was broken again by scar.
Shirley Yu
Shirley Yu - 18 dager siden
I really think the hermits should play with ppl from dream smp and do a show down kind of thing
Maham Usman
Maham Usman - 18 dager siden
Nice one dud
DaRadBoi - 18 dager siden
900th comment
Aaron Mueller
Aaron Mueller - 19 dager siden
I could literally see the entrance of the secret base when he went past weapons how did he not see it?
Isaac Hirsch
Isaac Hirsch - 19 dager siden
this makes the game way more realistic
Samuel Walraven
Samuel Walraven - 19 dager siden
I was bummed proximity didn't work Friday night. Love your content!!!
Bonk !
Bonk ! - 19 dager siden
Poor Joker
Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans
This is a secret base ~Zloy
Caitlin Holden
Caitlin Holden - 13 timer siden
haha. found it
Snuffy D
Snuffy D - 17 dager siden
Fritz R
Fritz R - 17 dager siden
Does this mean the return of RecapTag?
cloud - 17 dager siden
whooooooooooooooooo gonna have to move again
MikaAndMe - 17 dager siden
Found it! :D
Trinity Stewart
Trinity Stewart - 19 dager siden
And thats how you marinate kids.
levi bothe
levi bothe - 19 dager siden
Love core and among us win win ☺️☺️
Biscuit & bread
Biscuit & bread - 19 dager siden
Pretty sure those 83 dislikes are all just mistakes 😅
Kore - 19 dager siden
It always confuses the heck out of me for a few seconds when people get a Core sponsorship
Danger to Society
Danger to Society - 17 dager siden
Perfect Protagonist
Perfect Protagonist - 19 dager siden
Pungence sounds a lot like Bdubs! I for some reason wasn't expecting that even though I knew that they are brothers.
Ismail Murabith
Ismail Murabith - 19 dager siden
900th comment
Ponçikgamer - 19 dager siden
Lykun - 19 dager siden
Yooo that round was so well played! Great job impulstor!
nicholas winter
nicholas winter - 19 dager siden
I watch a game where impulse walks in electrical says"I always get murdered in here" and tango kills him right there
SkwezelJuice - 19 dager siden
Well played there at the end! It was hilarious!
Sanorace - 19 dager siden
That slick self report though.
Tibu _RL
Tibu _RL - 19 dager siden
Anyone here fan of WWE?
If you do, you might remember the iconic HBK vs Ric Flair match where the one that lost had to leave WWE. The point is that that match ended with HBK saying " Im sorry" and hitting Flair with his finisher and pining him, this video ended up with the same " Im sorry" as that match. The betrayal is real
Jonana - 19 dager siden
Bdubs: “You’re done with tasks?”
Other Bdubs: “Yes!”
Jenna Pothier
Jenna Pothier - 19 dager siden
I hereby give Joker all the permission to troll in the world after that one. XD
Artastic_ Friend
Artastic_ Friend - 19 dager siden
That was a 100000 IQ play
Aureouss - 19 dager siden
Core is basically roblox lol
Luke Hildenbrand
Luke Hildenbrand - 19 dager siden
Hobo Gamer
Hobo Gamer - 19 dager siden
In Among Us, I usually sabotage the reactor, then once they're done I close the doors so they can't go to security and outside to do tasks, then sabotage the other doors, and then once it's done I sabotage reactor again. I think that's a great strat.
Phillip Osborn
Phillip Osborn - 19 dager siden
You have a secret base in XB base
Butteredpancakes - 19 dager siden
A Person
A Person - 19 dager siden
Adrienne Kinzel
Adrienne Kinzel - 19 dager siden
Omg I love impluse!!! Idk What to say :P
yuka tokuyama
yuka tokuyama - 19 dager siden
iv trid to downlode core but i dont have an Email adress
Topcookies109 - 19 dager siden
I like how he put the YouTuber's names in order from most subscribers to least
Nancy Lagace
Nancy Lagace - 20 dager siden
Awesome gameplay........Love it with prox.......Good game Impulse!!!
Spencer Wynne
Spencer Wynne - 20 dager siden
Wait was SMALLBEANS smallish beans? He sounds like joel
Teo Biquir
Teo Biquir - 20 dager siden
The 2 important things that happened in this vid:
Bdubs sounding like Pungence
Impy betraying Mr Joker
Ninjakiw1 - 20 dager siden
That was so smart that last game there, omg. great video :)
Abolfazl Mirzaei
Abolfazl Mirzaei - 20 dager siden
That betrayal at the end :(
Voltmatrix 1
Voltmatrix 1 - 20 dager siden
Play with mumbo... he is more of a noob than scar
Gamer Achiever
Gamer Achiever - 20 dager siden
Poor Joker! :(
Riley Large
Riley Large - 20 dager siden
That island survival game kinda looked like ark
Ruben Hinze
Ruben Hinze - 20 dager siden
I dont even know how Im alive anymore
Because your knife was facing the other direction

WackoMcGoose - 20 dager siden
I bet Grian regrets making Impulse the Head of Diversionary Tactics now. He's gotten too good at it.
qaz wiz
qaz wiz - 20 dager siden
i don't like being an "I told ya so!" guy... BUT who was it that kept saying "proximity mod doesn't sound exciting" ?????? (glad ya gave in LOL)
Logan McQueen
Logan McQueen - 20 dager siden
does grian poisen people in among us with grain
Haylie Murphy
Haylie Murphy - 20 dager siden
I got so confused at the start cuz Pungence and bdubs sound like the same person.
Diana Fagar
Diana Fagar - 20 dager siden
Impulse check out corpse husband for among us corpse channel
Corpse husband
Corpse husband gaming
Corpse husband stream
Irma - 20 dager siden
Nooo impulse i need the whole thing
FruityTruity - 20 dager siden
so epic strat, kill joker cos skizz cant talk, then in the meeting insist its skizz and he will have no way to defend himself
TheSynasonic - 20 dager siden
Is this ottomated’s crewlink?
pratyush Sahu
pratyush Sahu - 20 dager siden
if you want to play among as well with then join my discord server:
pratyush Sahu
pratyush Sahu - 20 dager siden
if you want to play among as well with then join my discord server:
pratyush Sahu
pratyush Sahu - 20 dager siden
if you want to play among as well with then join my discord server:
PaUl CyRuS rOmAgOs
PaUl CyRuS rOmAgOs - 20 dager siden