Among Us With Hermits and Friends But I'm Always Wrong! (Grian, Etho, Scar, Bdubs, Tango, Ren)

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See what happens when I get together with Etho, Grian, Scar, Bdubs, Tango, and Ren from the Hermitcraft server along with friends Skizzleman and BigB to play some Among Us! If you want to see more Among Us with friends in the future, please leave a like and let me know in the comments below.
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Runtime: 1:42:07


Snakes_EatCats5 Yes
Snakes_EatCats5 Yes - 21 dag siden
How ironic Impulse!
"That's not how you greet your friends" Yet you were one of the people who killed them. Haha 100 IQ
Gabe Playz
Gabe Playz - 23 dager siden
4:03 - For a split second it says depleted in 10000. Take a look
MelodyGoPlay - Måned siden
Hermits once Mumbo finally plays Among Us: What's your favorite task?
Mumbo: Wires
Hermits: Scar what's your favorite task?
Scar: When I was a young child...
Minutes late: Soooo my favorite is card swipe
Arya facheza Oktafian
Arya facheza Oktafian - Måned siden
1:42:04 "Hey.... I've been Right TWICE TODAY" 🤣🤣🤣
Michaylo Chubak
Michaylo Chubak - Måned siden
48:42 that moment when etho realizes he lost.
DeepPastry - Måned siden
Great googly, Scar pulls a clutch play for the win at 1:30. BigB takes out Tango for what should be the big win, right in front of you Impulse, yet Scar's clutch wins the round. Was first time I've seen Crewmate win with only a single survivor.
ImpostorYellow - Måned siden
anyone else notice the strange ripple on his screen?
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith - 28 dager siden
yeah its a little annoying tbh
Christine Betz
Christine Betz - Måned siden
Etho: its Impulse, next round: its bdubs!!! then he votes impulse
Nekro gaming
Nekro gaming - Måned siden
Like bruh
Janjoš Sibinovski
Janjoš Sibinovski - Måned siden
1:31:10 One of the rarest victory screans in Among Us (win with one crewmate alive)!
Fried panini
Fried panini - Måned siden
I thought Navi was a person
Benjamin Luscombe
Benjamin Luscombe - Måned siden
Hermits: I don’t know who to vote
Hermits: scar is sus
DomD Yt
DomD Yt - Måned siden
Hey impulse. I was really bored but then i saw that you have a video nearly 2 hours long.
amxly - Måned siden
At one point u and tango were next to each other and the name turned to
TheLightningwinter - Måned siden
Thank you for posting your perspective on these! I love watching them.
Rogelio Villasenor
Rogelio Villasenor - Måned siden
2:37. Why do people think comms does absolutely nothing?
Itz Undead_Wolfie Gacha
Itz Undead_Wolfie Gacha - Måned siden
I watched this on Grian and I like seeing things from all points of veiws and it's funny
Thunderbolt701 - Måned siden
Wow scar is the worst imposter Lol
Jonny Almström
Jonny Almström - Måned siden
Tori Dassinger
Tori Dassinger - Måned siden
"I love you so much but you killed him" ~Bdubs
Vanessa Leithoff
Vanessa Leithoff - Måned siden
buff: lights reactor oxygen skinny: communications. body: scar
Deborah brune
Deborah brune - Måned siden
The chief join feraly flash because knee geographically shelter under a frightened frightening full fumbling functional patio. flawless, sloppy mailbox
EggsZMeow - 2 måneder siden
Some weird poses at 1:08:35
EggsZMeow - 2 måneder siden
Some weird poses at 1:08:35
annikejoyvangraan - 2 måneder siden
"Right off the bat I get Imposter, with.. oh no it's Scar." This just feels typical and for some reason funny.
Carrotman - 2 måneder siden
Lol! In minute1:24:40, Impulse says: it would be great if somebody actually vented, while Bdubs kills Ren behind him.
Zélie Ryan
Zélie Ryan - 2 måneder siden
Heres a little tip: if you dont want to hit TAB for the map, you can press E instead anyway luv ya vids keep it up 😉
Cheese4k Gaming
Cheese4k Gaming - 2 måneder siden
I watched this in one sitting just staring at it
Cassie Anthony
Cassie Anthony - 2 måneder siden
23:12, you completely missed the opportunity to say "good dog!" instead of ren 😂😂😂
RockmasterJ - 2 måneder siden
Dont worry about who you got first. The first time I played the new map with this group of people, I was the first one dead for 5 games
Alexander Cohen
Alexander Cohen - 2 måneder siden
is the graphical glitches the video or my computer?
supergluehotty - 2 måneder siden
I saw that. Who just killed in front of me.
NerfProZP360 YT
NerfProZP360 YT - 2 måneder siden
Lol, Being imposter with the dude your against in the hermitcraft 7 Turf war
NerfProZP360 YT
NerfProZP360 YT - 2 måneder siden
I tried to buy the suit skin on my phone but something got messed up and i couldnt get it rip
AgentFox54 -
AgentFox54 - - 2 måneder siden
Etho: "It's Bdubs."
Bdubs: "WHAT!!!"
Lauren Cormack
Lauren Cormack - 2 måneder siden
You facked task in o2 it is a sb
Carrotman - 2 måneder siden
You know when it is Bdubs because he overreacts about everything when he is it.
Mia Grace Lum
Mia Grace Lum - 2 måneder siden
-Tango 2020
Riley Selander
Riley Selander - 2 måneder siden
nice game grain gets away with it 3 times
Vijay Bhatia
Vijay Bhatia - 2 måneder siden
Tango : Dies, Only Impulse as crewmate left. Crewmates **Victory** HOW?!?!
aragona dragona
aragona dragona - 2 måneder siden
you should try among us in minecraft :D
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith - 28 dager siden
Tango: Challenge accepted.
Jaydon Runyan
Jaydon Runyan - 2 måneder siden
Impulse: The question now is who is the other imposter?
Grian: *Literally rips Tango’s head off his body on screen*
Sushii - 2 måneder siden
Impulse: *Sees someone kill*
Thomas Geels
Thomas Geels - 2 måneder siden
That is a no no move
Thomas Geels
Thomas Geels - 2 måneder siden
Bdubs bdubs bdubs
Matthew Francis
Matthew Francis - 2 måneder siden
Meghan - 2 måneder siden
Among Us, But Most of Us Should Stick to Minecraft
Gobbles The Turkey
Gobbles The Turkey - 2 måneder siden
NibbleDrake14 - 2 måneder siden
did skizzle call y'all yeerks???
Steven Martin
Steven Martin - 2 måneder siden
You need to get mumbo to do this with you
Fly Fly
Fly Fly - 2 måneder siden
44:18 what happened? I saw grian entered but never left? Did he vent? He couldn't've because he wasn't impostor
Adnan playz
Adnan playz - 2 måneder siden
1:00:00 uwesuu uwesuu aptising tho
Joey Productions
Joey Productions - 2 måneder siden
Honestly impulse you must admit Bdubs has the most hysterical voice of all the hermits
ChromeCable - 2 måneder siden
Good job Impulse! I make Among Us videos too!
Livee Martin
Livee Martin - 2 måneder siden
Omg scar don’t say the f word in vids
ItzMeMary - 3 måneder siden
Who is SkizzleMan?
James - 3 måneder siden
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark - 3 måneder siden
The fact that you're wrong so often just means the you're... IMPULSIVE
Konnar35 - 3 måneder siden
Why don’t you turn confirm eject on
Splooshy Mooshy
Splooshy Mooshy - 3 måneder siden
Someone finds a body grian okay,okay.
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis - 3 måneder siden
its so long for a normal video
Big Gay Inc.
Big Gay Inc. - 3 måneder siden
This is paced so differently than when I watch Critikal's videos of this game lmao
happy naj
happy naj - 3 måneder siden
Impulse could have won the first game if he killed the blue dude and closed the doors. Wait can u close doors when a sabotage is going on?
Zig Tarlak
Zig Tarlak - 3 måneder siden
1:31:03 wait, the imposter got another kill, and then the crew mates win?? Is it cause the last task got finished?
lecholocation '
lecholocation ' - 3 måneder siden
I like how Scar got blamed for impulses kill
paco - 3 måneder siden
LOL at least i did somthing
Soojeen Park
Soojeen Park - 3 måneder siden
hirmits and freinds
Alana Clement
Alana Clement - 3 måneder siden
Card swipe is grians wrost enmis
Tacobell1384 - 3 måneder siden
Scar screwed impulse that first game. First he admitted to being the imposter making it 1000x harder to convince people that there may be two killers, then he kept calling sabotages immediately after the meetings so impulse couldn't sabotage nor was his kill off cooldown.
AvenRox - 3 måneder siden
Impulse: "That's not how you greet your friends!"
B-dubs, matter of factly: "I think it's a good culling"
Mikayla King
Mikayla King - 3 måneder siden
Impulse: I love this task
Me:I agree
Impulse:I hate simon says!
Me: I agree
Impulse: I think it's Scar
Me: ..... Nooo
I don't agree.....
Donald Blevins
Donald Blevins - 3 måneder siden
28:10 - "where was the body?, cafeteria"
Scar a few moments later- "left side of cafeteria"
Nobody said where in cafeteria. But scar knew exactly where... hmm that should be enough to vote him off
Big Bear
Big Bear - 3 måneder siden
more please
Jebbo - 3 måneder siden
ℕ𝕚𝕔𝕖 𝕧𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕠
DeepPastry - 3 måneder siden
Did the rules change? Cause Impulse should of won the first one, all he had to do is kill one of the three left and he would of won. If 2 imposters, just need to kill off all but 2 crew to win. So many times peeps play 2 imposters as if there was only one.
Daniel Chapiesky
Daniel Chapiesky - 3 måneder siden
ummmm..... Among Us in minecraft at +100....
Endersgaming345 - 3 måneder siden
51:53 I KNEW IT WAS BDUBS! He acts so differently when he’s impostor and every time something was called he just reinforced my suspicion
Erin Klus
Erin Klus - 3 måneder siden
I love that Impulse refers to vials as "potions"...little detail, Minecraft on the mind
Jeanne Jacobs
Jeanne Jacobs - 3 måneder siden
Change maps
Bonnie Evans
Bonnie Evans - 3 måneder siden
Bdubs left electrical and then said he never left
Toto fait des vidéos
Toto fait des vidéos - 3 måneder siden
4:02 the time goes to 10000 for some reason
DarkAaron 2005
DarkAaron 2005 - 3 måneder siden
I feel a little bad for scar while he is still learning the game
Micah Turner
Micah Turner - 3 måneder siden
I just realized BigB is BigBStatz 🤩
ABZ famjam
ABZ famjam - 3 måneder siden
"Vented leaves" Me: Took out the trash bro.
CODENAME: ERA - 3 måneder siden
MoMiDeZi - 3 måneder siden
Doesn't matter that I play this so much with my realm mates, but then I gotta watch you guys play too.. Love it..
beanwaff Smith
beanwaff Smith - 3 måneder siden
Yes please. Thank you
Turtlez 2020
Turtlez 2020 - 3 måneder siden
Impulse: "Who could the other imposter be?"
Grian: *Murderers Tango in front of his eyes*
Lewis Hodson
Lewis Hodson - 3 måneder siden
I look forward to your videos, keep up the good work, and dont wear yourself out :)
Welsh Family Vlogs
Welsh Family Vlogs - 3 måneder siden
David Liu
David Liu - 3 måneder siden
1:31:05 if you look closely the task bar actually went up just before tango was killed so crew and imposters won at the same time and the game chose crew!
Edit: nvm they know that
UnkieRich - 3 måneder siden
I have now watched this stream from multiple hermits, my favorite part is Scar explaining how he trained to be an excellent card swiper from opening hotel rooms as a child.
Lindsay Holsinger
Lindsay Holsinger - 3 måneder siden
oh and this is a boy not a girl
Lindsay Holsinger
Lindsay Holsinger - 3 måneder siden
no offence
Lindsay Holsinger
Lindsay Holsinger - 3 måneder siden
why not ten people
ZappyKyler2 - 3 måneder siden
Vote scar is way different now...
Janos Castro
Janos Castro - 3 måneder siden
When ur imposter and everyone knows it’s u say ok it’s me and (whoever isn’t the other imposter) then they’ll vote another guy out lol
nathaniel tomko
nathaniel tomko - 3 måneder siden
Pledgewolf - 3 måneder siden
Tango: that's gutsy!
Ultra Cookie
Ultra Cookie - 3 måneder siden
„Alright Crewmate this time I can relax a little bit!“ - sentence of the year