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Runtime: 15:00


Ana Dojcinovska
Ana Dojcinovska - 13 dager siden
ZIRGU ZAGLIS - 13 dager siden
looks ,ike prop n seek
Noir Peely
Noir Peely - 18 dager siden
The new roblox
Free Rick
Free Rick - 19 dager siden
Man what are the system requirements of this game?
Marquis Sanon
Marquis Sanon - 20 dager siden
If Fortnite and Roblox had a baby:
Nino Nemo
Nino Nemo - 20 dager siden
Wait impulse played core games
Lorenz Dominic Flores
Lorenz Dominic Flores - Måned siden
Go play this game guys its the new roblox!!!
Nofu - Måned siden
Wow this video flopped
Flaming Taco
Flaming Taco - Måned siden
Roblox but fortnite
htbl - Måned siden
Its also cool because you can get a name that might be rare in the future
Exotik Gamez
Exotik Gamez - Måned siden
I wish it was available on phone
7kTactlcal - Måned siden
it would be more fun if core wasn't in beta so there will be less lag!!
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
Ever thought that it might be your internet?
A or Z
A or Z - 2 måneder siden
Lmao in desc playing NBA 2K16
MrJasonRBX - 2 måneder siden
Roblox is better
Glenn Marco
Glenn Marco - 2 måneder siden
Did that game free
winku - 2 måneder siden
If roblox and fortnite had a baby:
winku - Måned siden
@Unscriptablee yes oh speaking about that, i already made core acc with rare username lol
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
It looks pretty cool if you know how to use the engine
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
You can customize the graphics and change the default character. I made a game in score where you are a cube
Shadow - 2 måneder siden
Are u going to make a game in core?
Dihydrogen Monoxide
Dihydrogen Monoxide - 2 måneder siden
Roblox is gmod legos. Coregames is Gmod fortnite. And that's it folks.
Dihydrogen Monoxide
Dihydrogen Monoxide - Måned siden
@Unscriptablee yes and why is that
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
I got a migraine reading this
Pikachu in general
Pikachu in general - 2 måneder siden
Roblox finally has a challenge
TheOmegaGamingBrothers - 2 måneder siden
you have to wait to finish all dowloading screen if you close it it well open and then it well close
TheOmegaGamingBrothers - 2 måneder siden
Bruh CORE is the worst
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
and so are you :)
Brotherland - 2 måneder siden
Everybody gangsta till scambots arrive
KizzuKai - 3 måneder siden
It's just fortnite but custom multiplayer
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
@Vrex899 How long did you use it?
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
you can change the graphics though and characters?
Vrex899 - 3 måneder siden
Actually it’s just roblox with fortnite elements
IZED - 3 måneder siden
The idea of Core isn't bad, it's similar to gmod which I loved a lot, but I really can't stand this fortnite style and I also think their decision to use Lua (which gmod used as well back then) isn't good, as there are much better choices nowadays. I don't really have any grudge against Core, but I much prefer waiting for the release of S&box instead of even trying this, even though it's free. (for anyone interested, s&box is the successor to gmod:
I'm glad they're sponsoring you though, you deserve it and there could be so much worse sponsors than this.
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
@Vrex899 How long did you use it, did you try to change the graphics yourself while creating a game? Can’t make claims without knowing anything about it.
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
People just don’t care about changing the graphics in their game, I changed it to a completely different style. How long did you use Core?
Vrex899 - 3 måneder siden
Ur right it’s similar to good and roblox and the fortnite style is just plain old STUPID
Perfect Protagonist
Perfect Protagonist - 3 måneder siden
Impulse finally got his face?
KindKiller 005
KindKiller 005 - 2 måneder siden
lol xD
Yellow LAVA
Yellow LAVA - 3 måneder siden
Lol im not going to give up roblox for roblox with fortnite characters
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
Well must suck to deal with these manipulative admins who don’t give a shit about you or your game.
Vrex899 - 3 måneder siden
Yeah me neither
J_DONUTZ - 3 måneder siden
launcher is kinda shit and it wont work it just keeps saying "system cannot find the file specified close the launcher and try again" and never works someone tell me how to fix this
J_DONUTZ - Måned siden
@Unscriptablee yes i at least reinstalled it 17 times
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
Try reinstalling it, or ask on the Core Discord server “Core Creators”
RonX - 3 måneder siden
Roblox + Fortnite = Core

GT09n - 3 måneder siden
ita like roblox?
deanDros - 3 måneder siden
If u love impulse please checkout description nd open that link
Thank you
gaming blaster
gaming blaster - 3 måneder siden
Doggo boi Rising
Doggo boi Rising - 3 måneder siden
PReSs F tO bOx
Matt Offner
Matt Offner - 3 måneder siden
Impulse gettin that sponsor bag i see
ً ً
ً ً - 3 måneder siden
1:32 “now we got our guy in play, we need to make some games to play ” *rhymes
Dr. mhm
Dr. mhm - 3 måneder siden
Play rhymes with play?
Xander - 3 måneder siden
The customization screen looks like fortnite ngl
Andrew Lund
Andrew Lund - 3 måneder siden
I’m assuming “play and create PC games for free” means no Mac compatibility 😭
Vrex899 - 3 måneder siden
Don’t worry roblox is Mac compatible
Enrique Kenziero
Enrique Kenziero - 3 måneder siden
Sounds real fun!,im downloading it Today!
Danilo Carrara
Danilo Carrara - 3 måneder siden
That Hive and Dive game has a very original concept. It could get very popular..... lool
Sky Person
Sky Person - 3 måneder siden
Did anyone else notice that Hive Dive is pretty much just Fall Guys?
BlueBaum2.7.1 - 3 måneder siden
You play with a inverted Mouse. Shame on you, Impulse!
Dylan Hawley
Dylan Hawley - 3 måneder siden
It’s like good rolblox
jose - 3 måneder siden
I’m sorry i’m not interested in this stuff but I came to like the video and comment. Maybe it also counts as a view .
Livi 3312
Livi 3312 - 3 måneder siden
He protect
He attack
But most importantly
He a plant
H3r0d Games
H3r0d Games - 3 måneder siden
We had lots of fun playing those games, it’s a great gaming platform for free! Can’t wait to see how it grows
Axu 2
Axu 2 - Måned siden
Its basically roblox but with unreal engine
Nicolas Thomas
Nicolas Thomas - 3 måneder siden
So core is a better version of Roblox? I've played roblox since release.
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
You have more freedom and your games are not under risk of manipulative moderators who don’t give a shit about you. And it’s easier to earn money
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
@Vrex899 And how long did you try it for? Made many incorrect claims pretty much slandering them with no proof y’know
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
@Vrex899 Compare this to Roblox after 8 months lmao
Vrex899 - 3 måneder siden
It’s not a better version it’s worse
TriPPy_eDiTz - 3 måneder siden
i mean a bag is a bag
Rill - 3 måneder siden
Was fun really fun to play!
tyler ramraj
tyler ramraj - 3 måneder siden
How to get core
Ponçikgamer - 3 måneder siden
Wynand Lourens
Wynand Lourens - 3 måneder siden
just 15 mins of gameplay?! i need moree
KingUman30 - 3 måneder siden
Me: hasn't seen the video
Also me: Let me guess, #sponsered
kate w
kate w - 3 måneder siden
get that bag impulse
Mr. Jan
Mr. Jan - 3 måneder siden
I dont think im gonna use it, I already have the Unreal Engine for making Games, and Free to Play does sound like a lot of Microtransactions.
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
You make games? You are the one adding micro transactions not the developers of the platform
BabyDevil - 3 måneder siden
Hehehe busy bee is back but wait it's not minecraft 😂
Justin Todd
Justin Todd - 3 måneder siden
He also works another full time job, aside from NOburn
hectic Cen
hectic Cen - 3 måneder siden
I never like sponserd videos but this one this one IS EXCUSED
Pranav Gupta
Pranav Gupta - 3 måneder siden
For such a new platform, Core is actually pretty fun, ngl.
SykosymatiK - 3 måneder siden
Prop hunt looks too easy for the hunters. Shouldn't they be penalized for shooting things that aren't props?
SykosymatiK - Måned siden
@Unscriptablee yes It's user created. However, I don't play this game. Was merely an observation.
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
You could contact the dev with the suggestion
SykosymatiK - 3 måneder siden
@Idk hell While that may be true, I'm exercising my right to criticize this particular remake. I also have no interest in remaking prop hunt.
Idk hell
Idk hell - 3 måneder siden
It's made by someone else. I'm sure there's other prop hunt games. Or u can make ur own.
Crazer god
Crazer god - 3 måneder siden
This is like one of the only sponsors I checked out and I really liked it thanks impulse
Chetan Bysani
Chetan Bysani - 3 måneder siden
noice video
i am willing to check out core after your gameplay
it was fun watching you play all these games
Jasper - 3 måneder siden
I literally got core yesterday
Siddhant Singh
Siddhant Singh - 3 måneder siden
Dunno sounds like roblox but modern to me
variant - 3 måneder siden
That prop hunt game is the most ridiculous game I have ever seen... I can see why it would be fun lol
J0k3r - 3 måneder siden
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Nirate Goel
Nirate Goel - 3 måneder siden
"Core Games Are Really Fun!" Sounds like something a shill would say. Or something a sponsor would require.
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
LNER_Nerd - 3 måneder siden
Hive dive is a carbon copy of fall guys, it should be taken down for copyright.
Zach aree
Zach aree - 3 måneder siden
I play core
Ashneeth Manda
Ashneeth Manda - 3 måneder siden
A sponsor became a video....
RazeR seru
RazeR seru - 3 måneder siden
It says its nba 2k16
COFFENDOX udAYA - 3 måneder siden
so this is roblox, on crack
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
Without the Roblox admins and underpayment of developers.
Meero - 3 måneder siden
How do u do that when the video ends and u can go straight to the other videos shown?
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever - 3 måneder siden
Impulse have been hitting the gym lately, gotta show em those M U S K L E S and the teddy bear
Casey Dwyer
Casey Dwyer - 3 måneder siden
Core is just a shooter version of Roblox
Unscriptablee yes
Unscriptablee yes - Måned siden
Lower the drug intake?
Freis Master
Freis Master - 3 måneder siden
hey impulse may do me a favor and give me a small little shout out as a small deed of the day
TheHaunted - 3 måneder siden
You talkin' about roblox?
Dhruv Rawat
Dhruv Rawat - 3 måneder siden
What is core .
It is roblox but waaaaaaaay betttter
Kirbo-Tron 300
Kirbo-Tron 300 - 3 måneder siden
I'm in a official contest for Core Games
Your Average Teddy Bear
Your Average Teddy Bear - 3 måneder siden
The HermitBrick
The HermitBrick - 3 måneder siden
Its kinda wacky from my experience, tried it with some friends after u mentioned this in a vid with amongus. The games are fun but really heavy, and the game maker is really slow. The game has a bunch of potential tho, and I hope this will be improved on. It seems like Roblox but pc, and it’s quite a good idea! (Edit: I accidentally sent the message before finishing it)
gulam mustafa
gulam mustafa - 3 måneder siden
Is it coming for mobile????
- Curvy -
- Curvy - - 3 måneder siden
Devoun intensifies
Kabir Dube
Kabir Dube - 3 måneder siden
the best notification of the day
Giorgi Iaseshvili
Giorgi Iaseshvili - 3 måneder siden
HELLO roblox vs core Game!!!!!!!!!!!
Screw you Trevor
Screw you Trevor - 3 måneder siden
YouTube is broken
First Nikki’s video
And now impulse’s video gets the wrong game put in the “browse game” area
J T - 3 måneder siden
LavendelFrost - 3 måneder siden
Core is starting to remind me a lot of Roblox...
Anyone else feel that way?
LavendelFrost - 3 måneder siden
@Vrex899 I wasn't meaning it in a salty or mean way. I have great hope that this platform may inspire people to get into game design, meet new people, and have great times, just like it is on Roblox. Also, keep in mind, this game was just alpha released not too long ago. There is a chance the platform could change in the next few years. So what I am trying to say is, there is a lot of potential for this platform, just like Roblox had/has, and you are the shitty one here.
UMCO MASTER - 3 måneder siden
Sir love from india bigestfannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
UMCO MASTER - 3 måneder siden
Sir bigesst fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
UltraBlack - 3 måneder siden
wow core is a mix of fartnite and rofucks
Joshua Healy
Joshua Healy - 3 måneder siden
i dont have a pc sadly :( i am stuck with a mac.
Vrex899 - 3 måneder siden
U can always play roblox on Mac ;)
Nirate Goel
Nirate Goel - 3 måneder siden
Why do you have a mac? They're more expensive.
Mrza3ter - 3 måneder siden
So its Roblox but actually good? seems good for me
Dannelle Golden
Dannelle Golden - 3 måneder siden
can you play some more core
Ekonic - 3 måneder siden
My computer is way to bad to play it.I cant download it because I dont the newest direct x
Vrex899 - 3 måneder siden
U can download roblox tho ;)
smopal - 3 måneder siden
Is it free?
h.hue - 3 måneder siden
so this is new roblox??
Michał Wisełka
Michał Wisełka - 3 måneder siden
Ryan - 3 måneder siden
The third game you played (can't remember what it's called, I've had a few "beverages") is literally a recreation of one of the minigames from Fall Guys. If you enjoyed that, you'd probably like Fall Guys as well.
Pekka Saarinen
Pekka Saarinen - 3 måneder siden
The concept of that game goes way further than Fall Guys though.
Levi433 - 3 måneder siden
Screw you Trevor
Screw you Trevor - 3 måneder siden
I don’t think you have to mention that you’v had a few “beverages”. It’s ok to forget things and you don’t need a reason even if there is one. No hate just my opinion and advice
FlareGames - 3 måneder siden
Why does the game in the description say "NBA 2K15"??
raza raza
raza raza - 2 måneder siden
Ther ewas no cor option
Dynamic gaming
Dynamic gaming - 3 måneder siden
I made a game called Hardcore
Get it
No its not a real its a pun
Rhizic - 3 måneder siden
hold up, wait a minute...
Rhizic - 3 dager siden
@Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down he said mus cles
Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down
It’s just someone editing his character
Dactus54 - 3 måneder siden
Nice job impulse! Let’s get him to 1 million guys!!!
Melon Master
Melon Master - Måned siden
I thought he was at 1 million ages ago