Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 056: Tricking And Treating The Hermits!

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In this episode, @Tango Tek and I team up to build a special house in the shopping district for Halloween. Inside, the Hermits will have a chance to get a special treat or will get tricked into playing a frantic puzzle game of crafting in order to save their own life.
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Runtime: 23:44


Hi My name is something
Hi My name is something - Måned siden
Have to make everything
Hi My name is something
Hi My name is something - Måned siden
Y do people havenjoy of fake stuff, just tEllen people that 8th fake
Chriswer82 - 2 måneder siden
Why Tango's costume looks like a cheap ass power ranger?
Mikki Reckers
Mikki Reckers - 2 måneder siden
the "trick" remindes me of the saw movies.
JMM Royal Guard
JMM Royal Guard - 3 måneder siden
Don’t litter impulse 1:42
GanonGhidorah - 3 måneder siden
SAW; Minecraft Edition
Kaylee -
Kaylee - - 3 måneder siden
By far my favorite episode.⭐ So much laughter from you guys. It's really awesome how much fun everyone has.
Yasser 444
Yasser 444 - 3 måneder siden
I really like this intro
"What's going on every one my name is impulse..."
Mystic Hatters
Mystic Hatters - 3 måneder siden
I love how Impulse completely ignores the speedy llama casually sliding around the paths like it's a normal thing in hermit land
Lightspots - 3 måneder siden
Maybe, to fix the lava door, a fire resistance potion could be spit out to escape instead?
Christian Vedra
Christian Vedra - 3 måneder siden
Christian Vedra
Christian Vedra - 3 måneder siden
You should bring them back the amount of mycelium they replaced with grass, with a sing saying "I think you made a mistake, so I fixed it" or something like that.
Wonder Star
Wonder Star - 3 måneder siden
Introducing the CREEPimpulse to hermitcraft 7 XD
RagedRhyme6437 - 3 måneder siden
Kill hep dogs and tell grian to breed sheep
aeaee aoiauea
aeaee aoiauea - 3 måneder siden
No, just killing the dogs is stupid. At least use llamas.
Ihuber 9242
Ihuber 9242 - 3 måneder siden
Next Mega Project: Replace all the grass near the raid farm in that Acacia biome with mycelium.
fgh8522 - 3 måneder siden
Hi creeperSV
sauhadra subedi
sauhadra subedi - 3 måneder siden
mumbo jumbo has enter in real HQ and he has see the name of the member of registance by thinking he is the leader
_SPIDERZ _ - 3 måneder siden
Nooo , not creeper pulse. You Are The CreePulseSV!
Laura Reggie
Laura Reggie - 3 måneder siden
I more than liked this video! I love when you and tango hang out. So funny!
Laura Reggie
Laura Reggie - 3 måneder siden
TANGO WERE GONNA DIE!! loll impulse
Indiana Kernick
Indiana Kernick - 3 måneder siden
How's this for a 200 IQ play: the decoy base is the real base and what we thought was the real base either doesn't exist, or is a decoy itself
Edit: actually that makes no sense nvm
Ryan vincent
Ryan vincent - 3 måneder siden
Change the grass for mycilum at scars or tangos base
PKPLAYZ 2017 - 3 måneder siden
I think you should do a mycelium box for the Trick or Treat house
Smilee Smiles
Smilee Smiles - 3 måneder siden
COWARD!! Tango said it right
Tridy Gaming
Tridy Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Grian took it all...
Tidders 88
Tidders 88 - 3 måneder siden
Impulse said after he got the creeper face that he was creeper pulse so normally he would be IMP
Imp short for imposter
Danbearpig - 3 måneder siden
This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen, and could be your best episode I’ve seen yet. I laughed a lot. I thought I was being clever changing loot tables so you could trick or treat with piglins and a custom texture pack, but now I want to do puzzle games instead, this is great!
job Ancheta
job Ancheta - 3 måneder siden
Why my notifs broke?
Mangu King
Mangu King - 3 måneder siden
I would surround their entire bases with mycelium
Mangu King
Mangu King - 3 måneder siden
@aeaee aoiauea make it look like a giant christmas gift?
aeaee aoiauea
aeaee aoiauea - 3 måneder siden
That's unoriginal and boring.
DangerousPanda MC
DangerousPanda MC - 3 måneder siden
You might need to rename the item in the left barrel to EXAMPLE or something, otherwise the Hermits can take that item instead and put that in the middle barrel. :) If you still want the name to be visible, you can just put a dot at the end.
Glitterstar - 3 måneder siden
Change the grass in the hEEp headquarters to mycelium
Emily Souter
Emily Souter - 3 måneder siden
Cameron Savage
Cameron Savage - 3 måneder siden
The other Hermits have really been enjoying the tricks! Why not keep it on after Halloween as a build-off mini-game? 2 Hermits can face-off and have to build the same item, fastest wins. Each Hermit bets the other a certain amount of diamonds that they will win - winner takes the pot!
ceidy aragon
ceidy aragon - 3 måneder siden
Fill there base with miseleame
aeaee aoiauea
aeaee aoiauea - 3 måneder siden
Unoriginal and boring, also learn how to spell.
someone else else on the internet
In the end Mumbo and his podzol wins
Baljeet _
Baljeet _ - 3 måneder siden
7:06 hacks ?
aeaee aoiauea
aeaee aoiauea - 3 måneder siden
You don't know decked out?
Lucas_orup - 3 måneder siden
Am i the only one who think it’s getting Old this war
nikola kovačević
nikola kovačević - 3 måneder siden
4:40 he's not Creeperpulse! He's Creepulse!
Brent Gees
Brent Gees - 3 måneder siden
Ashley Martin
Ashley Martin - 3 måneder siden
Big brain. Just use a shovel that doesn’t have silk touch on it
Kyrox - 3 måneder siden
they really copied rizzial’s haunted house tutorial 🤦‍♂️
O.K. Productions
O.K. Productions - 3 måneder siden
Scar and bdubs found the base, but they’re convinced that it’s another fake since the vault blew up. Don’t know if that was you but good job if it was.
XD08 - 3 måneder siden
You missed the chance to call urself creepulse
Peter Varodi
Peter Varodi - 3 måneder siden
You Guys are idiots. You can make seeds by bonemealing the dirt and then broke The grass. Duh.
Jeff Cook
Jeff Cook - 3 måneder siden
How is your voice so satisfying
August Andersen Kjær 5b
August Andersen Kjær 5b - 3 måneder siden
creeper-pulse? i was thinking creepulse
Mutsumi 2879
Mutsumi 2879 - 3 måneder siden
Me fight the wither
Blazing Wanderer
Blazing Wanderer - 3 måneder siden
Katie Diehr
Katie Diehr - 3 måneder siden
Mr. info
Mr. info - 3 måneder siden
Hat about creepulse
Siddhant Vishnu
Siddhant Vishnu - 3 måneder siden
Man..... I love your content. your build, restone traps are so fun to watch.
Random User
Random User - 3 måneder siden
You should probably add a real door also so that people can't use potions before going in to bypass the lava. Make a door that must be moved by redstone.
kevin kurniawan
kevin kurniawan - 3 måneder siden
Scar And Bdubs Has Found The HQ And Know The Members Of Resistance, And They Got Explosion In The Vault
Berthold45 - 3 måneder siden
Holy crap Impulse's new skin terrifies me
drain fly
drain fly - 3 måneder siden
For me, tomorrow is Halloween. My siblings already ate their candy so I can brag about my patience in the car.
Since we aren’t going to trick or treat (for safety), we are going to Atlantic City. Wish us good luck
Irock 55
Irock 55 - 3 måneder siden
When most of them are offline cover the base with mysileum
mini pekka gaming
mini pekka gaming - 3 måneder siden
Impulse bdubs fired you from the boomers because you are in the resistance use the shovels now to get revenge on him and get rid of the grass
Xantrim - 3 måneder siden
Would be cool if there was a button to get an intentional "trick" for an escape room experience lol
Diane Moser
Diane Moser - 3 måneder siden
I love these kinds of projects, especially colabs! What a great idea! Look forward to watching Hermits go Trick-or-Treat.
Jennifer Todd
Jennifer Todd - 3 måneder siden
Candy candy or cooky cooky
NeonNinja - 3 måneder siden
Zac Mann
Zac Mann - 3 måneder siden
To get pay back on HEP make part of their base mycelium
JB.2006 . JB
JB.2006 . JB - 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one that has noticed that if that die in the trick or treat thing than the will loose their stuff?
JB.2006 . JB
JB.2006 . JB - 3 måneder siden
You should use the landscape job from scar to change some of the shopping district to mycelium
Kimball Belliston
Kimball Belliston - 3 måneder siden
Ducking Shameless
Ducking Shameless - 3 måneder siden
The more pranks that go on the more civil war flashbacks i get
Slobodan Ristanovic
Slobodan Ristanovic - 3 måneder siden
that house is like jigsaw tricks
shuriksy - 3 måneder siden
bottom left corner of screen
Skeptic Indian Man
Skeptic Indian Man - 3 måneder siden
Im pretty sure its from decked out
RedGalaxyStiker ll
RedGalaxyStiker ll - 3 måneder siden
@shuriksy if it was sum hack stuff he would have edited it out
RedGalaxyStiker ll
RedGalaxyStiker ll - 3 måneder siden
@shuriksy oh that's a mod they use those
shuriksy - 3 måneder siden
@RedGalaxyStiker ll you can see some mobs in the ground they get outlined in the glow effect
RedGalaxyStiker ll
RedGalaxyStiker ll - 3 måneder siden
mrdsjenzie - 3 måneder siden
brilliant and funny
well they do say TEST TEST TEST these days!
also that got me thinking about that "trick or treat" game, you should expand that after this, even to the scale of of a major game if there's time this season ... you guys build these wonderful toys ... but you guys ... you guys ... you've lost that loving feeling man
the feeling of CRAFTING
and who's BEST at it?
the answer is mumbo of course :>
Daan Canfyn
Daan Canfyn - 3 måneder siden
Evacuate the resistance! I repeat EVACUATE!
Noa Arriesgado
Noa Arriesgado - 3 måneder siden
Impulse I need you to make another decoy base but you show your viewers that it is the real base. oh and btw Scar and Bdubs found the base
Spooky Golem
Spooky Golem - 3 måneder siden
Scar found the base HQ!!!
Ssmjan - 3 måneder siden
Tango blew up
Xisuma : What are you doing
Xisuma : Don’t do that!
Nitin the Kiddo
Nitin the Kiddo - 3 måneder siden
look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9BvS0kcxyI we been attack at the base
Chase Cooper
Chase Cooper - 3 måneder siden
I am laughing SO hard at the trick failures 😂😂 Thanks, guys.
Pythons206 - 3 måneder siden
base location compermised scar and bdubs found the base and know every body who is apart of the reastaicne
David Motik
David Motik - 3 måneder siden
can u explain me how halloween works? i thought u go trick o treeting on halloween, not day before... I don't celebrate Halloween, so I don't get it.
mikkel troelsen
mikkel troelsen - 3 måneder siden
Mycelium HQ hav be Fund by scar and bdouble must move very fast now mycelium for life ( wise is not a joke )
IDrawStuff - 3 måneder siden
Convert all the grass in the hep hq to mycelium
SOMEONE YOU USED TO KNOW - 3 måneder siden
Them removing the mycelium out of impulses farm was out of scars jurisdiction because scar is the mayor of the shopping district not the hermitcraft server
abe - 3 måneder siden
you should vandalize the grassy hill that HEP built their HQ upon as well as scars new little factory island. show them the beauty of mycelium
Wolfydawolf - 3 måneder siden
Haha, Tango go BOOM
Dem0n Fo0x
Dem0n Fo0x - 3 måneder siden
idea for the revenge, change the HEP reunion zone on the top of the tower change teh interior to mycelium theme
Miko Umi
Miko Umi - 3 måneder siden
With the helmet on it kinda looks like Impulse has a mustache :D
MUHAMMAD RUMMAN KHAN - 3 måneder siden
what *gg* means
Jingjing Liang
Jingjing Liang - 3 måneder siden
Xizuma: the responsible sibling- "what are you doing?" "Don't do that"!
Grian says the plan is release llamas to kill wolves
NANS Gorilla
NANS Gorilla - 3 måneder siden
Blow there base up(:
Nate Herrington
Nate Herrington - 3 måneder siden
They are going to read the book for 2 minutes and blow up
Blaze kc
Blaze kc - 3 måneder siden
Idea to get revenge: build a mycelium block in the top of the H.E.P base
ne ne
ne ne - 3 måneder siden
Go to HIP base and Change all grassss tooo mycelium
sathish kumar
sathish kumar - 3 måneder siden
i would say to release sheeps in the jungle where scar live and make everything u know it
d4r7h3b3r - 3 måneder siden
With the helmet on, the creeper mouth just looks like a bushy stash, like a stereotypical cop stache.
Aska Liu
Aska Liu - 3 måneder siden
new name gonna be CreepulseSSSSSSSSV ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍?
best Halloween build tho good job!! love the puzzle game downstairs :D
Mel claudine Taroy
Mel claudine Taroy - 3 måneder siden
impulse don't be with tango his from hiiiiiiiip
Hikari Hanazono
Hikari Hanazono - 3 måneder siden
Lol Xisuma is very sweet with that HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Nacht - 3 måneder siden
cover the hep quarters with mycellium 😂
Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】
You can tell Impulse is a true Mycelliumite because he's not even excited to shovel all those blocks if they have to be grass
Endernight105 - 3 måneder siden
Torcher scar {burn him in the in the mycelium incinerator}
Zander Bacon
Zander Bacon - 3 måneder siden
Idea for getting back get the team and make the whole hep base micileam sorry that I can’t spell lol