Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 058: INDUSTRIAL STORAGE SYSTEM!

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In this episode, I get de-spookified, finish the facade of the cow farm, and then link all the farms in my industrial farming area to a mega centralized storage system complete with auto sorting of items!
Automatic Wheat Farm by Redizio:
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Runtime: 24:58


Midnight Flare
Midnight Flare - 20 dager siden
Hermitcraft: Has Turf War
Impulse: Stonks!
Herobrine 27
Herobrine 27 - Måned siden
I liked him when he was a bee
William Hay
William Hay - Måned siden
If u kept buying wheat and then sell the steak u can put money into the economy and still get more money out of it.
Cora Gibson
Cora Gibson - 2 måneder siden
I am gonna try to watch every hermit
Guinea Pig Guy
Guinea Pig Guy - 2 måneder siden
Write COW in brown on top of the cow farm and make it an industrial district like mumbo's and iskall's
PomPom Games
PomPom Games - 2 måneder siden
😂 it’s a moosh pit!!! Those cows are seriously rocking out 😂😂
SUJAY YALLA - 3 måneder siden
anyone know what texture pack he uses ??? i like it a lot
GanonGhidorah - 3 måneder siden
Uh...why not just till the grass with a hoe and then trample the farmland to turn it to dirt? Then you could place a mycelium and have it spread again.
Cocodragongirl - 3 måneder siden
Idk if another hermit has done this, but you could make a villager shop for all the extra villagers!!
JMM Royal Guard
JMM Royal Guard - 3 måneder siden
Impulse looks so weird with his normal face and the I on the front of the shirt
Tape Machines
Tape Machines - 3 måneder siden
Thanks for using our music in this video :)
Yousef Qabbani
Yousef Qabbani - 3 måneder siden
love the video.
Simon Sarvari
Simon Sarvari - 3 måneder siden
Impulse doing something without a plan? Dare I say that he is impulsive?
Leoné Talks Too Much
Leoné Talks Too Much - 3 måneder siden
“I love this game, more stuff to do!!”
That was adorable
Rylee Belcher
Rylee Belcher - 3 måneder siden
you call that butiful imp
alexa terry
alexa terry - 3 måneder siden
What is the mod that you are using to make the screen for your inventory dark and the way that you can see the items in the shulker box’s from your inventory?
raivissss - 3 måneder siden
for the villager breeder, check out chapman's breeder (the one posted 4 months ago)
Polina Lavrova
Polina Lavrova - 3 måneder siden
Where did creeper face on your shirt go? I miss him! Tell him if you ever see him again that I miss him!
pedro fehlauer
pedro fehlauer - 3 måneder siden
you could put more filteritens to decresse the number of itens you want to filter in the hopper
Serafin Hikes
Serafin Hikes - 3 måneder siden
So the farmer villagers can be struck by lightning and become witches because there's no roof protecting them
Sebastian Lim
Sebastian Lim - 3 måneder siden
impulse i have an idea for hermitcraft if everyone is in a group either the mycelium resistance and hep you guys could start a war like season 6 just an opinion
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - 3 måneder siden
Your so stupid
ambrose manuel
ambrose manuel - 3 måneder siden
Impulse are you going to upload more hemitcraft season 7??love your vids ❤❤
UwU the commenter
UwU the commenter - 3 måneder siden
Who wants mumbo jumbo industrial district vs impulse industrial district
thEDuke 162
thEDuke 162 - 3 måneder siden
In honour of the mycelium resistance, the cow farm should be turned into a mooshroom farm
Furiouspizza - 3 måneder siden
Impulse thinks he messed up on the instructions, every scar viewer facepalms
Gonzalo Flores
Gonzalo Flores - 3 måneder siden
Dear ImpulseSV, I am writing this comment to tell you that you over did the squats, and this caused the creeper face to come off. Maybe if you use the spoopifier and then the unspoopifier again, but correctly, you’ll revert back to normal! Sincerely, a fellow Resistance Supporter.
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover - 3 måneder siden
Some may say business is ‘booming’ for impulse and the bOoMerS ;3
Creeplyawsomeness 1
Creeplyawsomeness 1 - 3 måneder siden
Impulses farming district is styled exactly like mumbo season 6 base
All he needs is a giant ball
Phantom - 3 måneder siden
7:22 awesome cinematcs!
michelle kuang
michelle kuang - 3 måneder siden
Impulse “We’re draining our diamonds 💎 “ me like:WHAT I DON’T EVEN GET THAT MANY DIAMONDS IN A YEAR!!!! Hope all have a great 😊 day!❤️
REX Gaming
REX Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Could you make a tutorial for this sorting system???
Zhu Rex
Zhu Rex - 3 måneder siden
Impulse: Unspookify skin
Shirt: your game mode has been updated to peaceful
Justin Bastow
Justin Bastow - 3 måneder siden
add a switch so the carrots only go for bonemeal if u don't need villagers
Jack Bear
Jack Bear - 3 måneder siden
Impulse do you use inverted controls
BenH76 - 3 måneder siden
how come impulse is making a cow farm instead of a hoglin farm? hoglins drop pork which is just as good as beef and they also drop the leather which cows drop, anyone know?
Dylan Otto
Dylan Otto - 3 måneder siden
you should make a new tutorial of this new infinite villager breeder
Exoticzz-_- - 3 måneder siden
Is this a modded realm?
coleton lanham
coleton lanham - 3 måneder siden
For the wheat farm make it an out house design sense it’s so small😂😂
Guillaume C
Guillaume C - 3 måneder siden
Make more Stream on the HermitCraft Server... That will be very cool Impulse!
Clash Craft
Clash Craft - 3 måneder siden
Thanks for giving grian your audio clip ♥you saved the day ❤️
Chanak Gautam
Chanak Gautam - 3 måneder siden
Hey, impulse! Great content, as usual, just a bit of feedback. The beginning felt very forced and honestly (for lack of a better word) sorta cringy. IMO it is pretty obvious that a machine in-game cannot alter your player's appearance. I do sorta understand that it's part of the plot or whatever but iI felt like the execution was poor on that. Other than this, keep up the great work!
Joe Vance
Joe Vance - 3 måneder siden
Impulse with his 212 diamond blocks: were getting a little low
KingdomDestin - 3 måneder siden
Creative way to introduce your new skin to match your plush. Also it looks a little like you are wearing a yellow tie
RowBearToe - 3 måneder siden
The "i" on your shirt looks like a yellow tie. Why don't you do a Mumbo suit with a yellow tie?
Chloe Fisher
Chloe Fisher - 3 måneder siden
Why doesnt Impulse make a secret mycelium farm so they cant keep changing it?
Paddy Snofsky
Paddy Snofsky - 3 måneder siden
What mods do you use? Minihud maybe?
Max Kirkman
Max Kirkman - 3 måneder siden
I haven't watched since the button exploded what happened?
Aimee W.
Aimee W. - 3 måneder siden
You can watch hermit recap to catch up on things you missed.
Fenchell Forelle
Fenchell Forelle - 3 måneder siden
so you didnt plan out your industrial district before hand huh?
would you say you decided the location of each farm impulsively then?
Hubert Kosior
Hubert Kosior - 3 måneder siden
Impulse you put the beds the wrong way in the villager breeder, if you placed them so that the pillow is next to the spot that the villagers are supposed to wake up on it would have worked
Tinkrr - 3 måneder siden
Impulse: confused on where the creeper face went
The mini-impulse in the profile pic who never had the creeper: I’m 4 parallel universes ahead of you
Master Oogway
Master Oogway - 3 måneder siden
Couldn't you have just placed a mycelium block and changed all the grass instead of mine it up?
amin murati
amin murati - 3 måneder siden
hermits: are part of mycelium resistance.
also hermits: got grass around their bases.
Carle Earl
Carle Earl - 3 måneder siden
I subscribed and I like your channel and hip does look like a llama
_AyanoOnPCP - 3 måneder siden
Next shop idea: impulse's chorus churros
Riley - 3 måneder siden
when are you gonna do decked out again????, its killing me knowing that you have 3 loot box tokens you haven't used
darknightoftroy - 3 måneder siden
Impulse, for your cow farm, in the white walls, you should add brown splotches, to make it look more like the hide of a cow. Just a thought.
I always enjoy your videos, and I look forward to seeing the next major action of the Mycelium Resistance.
J Dean
J Dean - 3 måneder siden
Nice job on the cow farm impulse! But you need to put an out-side on the myselium farm as well...
tonyhawkings - 3 måneder siden
You should check the size of your industrial district and then talk to Mumbo and Iskall. They have their own districts, and share maps, so they periodically update their maps to see each other's progress. Would be cool to add a third district!
Drago Destructor
Drago Destructor - 3 måneder siden
Plz replace carrot to poatato and connect to a super smelter with auto fuel and make it into bonemeal
Arnav Srivastav
Arnav Srivastav - 3 måneder siden
Just wanna say.... I made a Villager breeder.... I used to get around 100fps and now in that area, I get 10-20fps😂😅😅
Edit: Number of entities are Extravagant lol
Zach Nun
Zach Nun - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else notice he names his filters like a programmer would😂
shoebucket - 3 måneder siden
also, if you do 44 of your filler items (4 stacks of 11) then you only have one of the target item in the slot, so it can collect 63 extras before overflowing. :)
shoebucket - 3 måneder siden
I fixed the villager breeder problem in a very similar design by putting top half-slabs over the top of the bed space where they were standing erroneously.
AzzaYin - 3 måneder siden
Necropious 327
Necropious 327 - 3 måneder siden
Please be careful what you say around Mumbo. He told Cufan he was resigning from the Resistance and joining HEP
Scotty Craft
Scotty Craft - 3 måneder siden
You guys gotta watch out! That Notable craft server! I hear they are getting pretty good 😅🤭😂. Just kidding I really do like the start of their server tho. I will watch both servers and will still be a huge hermitcraft fan
Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen - 3 måneder siden
Buying wheat from beef

kiriousity - 3 måneder siden
design works for PS4 edition but does need to be changed from hopper to ice where trap door is
Niall Tierney
Niall Tierney - 3 måneder siden
Josh Blaho
Josh Blaho - 3 måneder siden
What the heck happened to step 5. Did we punch it outta existence?
Andre Van der Vlies
Andre Van der Vlies - 3 måneder siden
Of all the hermits I've seen using the de-spookyfier Impulse is clearly the smoothest spinner.
YeetMaster 2000
YeetMaster 2000 - 3 måneder siden
6:20 why did you use a silk touch shovel on the grass?? You could’ve turned it into dirt to harvest mycelium
nuke469 - 3 måneder siden
So mycelium resistance member has a green house at their base and uses cows instead of mooshrooms
0 0
0 0 - 3 måneder siden
U should make the storage room a giant chest
Yuval Birger
Yuval Birger - 3 måneder siden
I would tell one of the resistence members to "accidentally" press f3 on video in the secret HQ with fake coordinates. Everybody is going to scream the location in the comments of one of scar's videos. Then build another fake base there or something. (No need to build another base but it ads that bit of excitement before they realize they have been bamboozled)
Chaarydaughter chaney
Chaarydaughter chaney - 3 måneder siden
Why not sell villagers in the shopping district
Doctor Sy
Doctor Sy - 3 måneder siden
impulse: sees mumbo's wallet and says he will use it for the unspooker
mumbo: so you have chosen... death
Martim Amaral
Martim Amaral - 3 måneder siden
He will lose nothing
Ariela Kreimer
Ariela Kreimer - 3 måneder siden
You won´t get any raw beef if you kill the cows with lava. They drop cooked beef in that case
Sievert Schreiber
Sievert Schreiber - 3 måneder siden
Love the happiness and effort u put into episodes!
Mirko Carnieletto
Mirko Carnieletto - 3 måneder siden
You could make a collection system under the villager cave and go there when you have the hero thing. Infinite villager = infinite goodies!
Uma - 3 måneder siden
Hermit Craft 6 Impulse: Fights against Grian
Hermit Craft 7 Impulse: Fights Alongside Grian
'You may outsmart me, But I outsmarted your outsmarting'
CheesyChickens - 3 måneder siden
Tip: the villager that are farming are going to despond. Mine did
Lakarius Litz
Lakarius Litz - 3 måneder siden
Every hermit: Start episode with great view
Impulse: Starts with burning cows
The most likes I ever got is 5. Thanks and have a nice day.
Hey can we get 500 likes on this comet
jorden hale
jorden hale - 3 måneder siden
Super trading hall
TheSeventhSense - 3 måneder siden
You just selected the wrong skin
The_KodFather - 3 måneder siden
You shifted 1 too many times that's why your skin's messed up
Ert100,000plays - 3 måneder siden
facTory not facory
Ert100,000plays - 3 måneder siden
i think u should combine all the farms and storage into one facory
aymeric arnaud
aymeric arnaud - 3 måneder siden
Wait wait was impulse the one to first design this item filter that we all use ??
Epicmincrafters420 - 3 måneder siden
He uses villagers to feed villagers to make villagers
A Snark
A Snark - 3 måneder siden
How does the skin spookifier work
ILikeAndro - 3 måneder siden
what is that texture pack
Kristian Selanger
Kristian Selanger - 3 måneder siden
Why does ut sound like weed or some drug when he talks about mycelium
UpTheDubsGuy - 3 måneder siden
"impulse didn't plan stuff." :-)
Isaac George
Isaac George - 3 måneder siden
He said “anti clockwise”
Hadi Mathieson
Hadi Mathieson - 3 måneder siden
IM PULSE IS AS HE SOULD BE!!!!! (look at his youtube icon, him on his icon has an I on his t-shirt)
vøyd - 3 måneder siden
"Creepulse aww man " coming on spotify soon !!
Player 257
Player 257 - 3 måneder siden
Is it just me or is he doing an old school cheat code?
Ivan Seleznev
Ivan Seleznev - 3 måneder siden
Villagers actually need only 12 carrots to breed