Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 060: THE GREAT MYCELIUM HEIST!

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In this episode, Grian, Etho, and I get together to infiltrate the HEP Factory and take back our mycelium.
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Song: Stellar - JJD & AudioBlade
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Gaming, Minecraft
#minecraft #hermitcraft
Runtime: 21:08


Jay Mac
Jay Mac - Måned siden
13:04 dead Grian comes flying by
just watching
just watching - Måned siden
10 more episodes yahoo
Jin - 2 måneder siden
This episode is so exceptional -- especially how impulse just happens to find grass blocks in the barrel and bring it to the secured room, it's just too perfect!
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano - 2 måneder siden
Grian: ...meeting?
Etho: ok!
Bdubs: sure! evil face emoji
Grian: not you!!!
Scar: Did someone say meeting?
Grian: NOT YOU!!!
impulse: oh me! yes sir!
Scar: I have cake and MooPop?
*Tango joined the game*
Chat at 1:18. Makes me laugh every time.
Shuji Wakahisa
Shuji Wakahisa - 2 måneder siden
😂 rip grian haha
GanonGhidorah - 2 måneder siden
This is D-Day for the Resistance...
A moment of silence, please...
Sammy Playz
Sammy Playz - 2 måneder siden
This is probaly my favorite ep
justright47 - 3 måneder siden
Kieran Jones
Kieran Jones - 3 måneder siden
Grian with the Rorschach reference. "Where's my face? I'm nothing without my face!"
Leoné Talks Too Much
Leoné Talks Too Much - 3 måneder siden
all that wasted mycelium hurt my heart, poor Impulse lmao
Leoné Talks Too Much
Leoné Talks Too Much - 3 måneder siden
I’ve heard Grian cry “he’s on the bed” 3 times now and I’ve laughed every time
Leoné Talks Too Much
Leoné Talks Too Much - 3 måneder siden
“I was sick of him he was mean :
sargam dey
sargam dey - 3 måneder siden
​ @impulseSV why you play with inverted mouse man not saying your demented its just wierd
Eli Hayden
Eli Hayden - 3 måneder siden
It pains me to see the Hermitcraft members die and then loose their things they spent lots of time in getting...
It’s so painful.
Big Brain Time
Big Brain Time - 3 måneder siden
Ur my favourite YouTuber
Andrea Barber
Andrea Barber - 3 måneder siden
you open the hep door by opening the bottom left barrel
NotNotJustin - 3 måneder siden
Hey, Impulse. I made a Hermit-proof build randomizer in AutoHotKey a little while back. If you want to, you can go ahead and use it. Process to get it running is actually pretty simple, just read the README.md file and you'll find all the controls for the program. You'll be able to find it on my GitHub: https://github.com/NotNotJustin/video-game-autoclickers/tree/minecraft-scroll . I don't require attribution, just be sure not to edit the .ahk script then build the program, or else you might mess up the Executable file.
Henrijs Goldsteins
Henrijs Goldsteins - 3 måneder siden
If u want to get infinite gear and tools without having enchantments so u wanna to make a cake with manual placing ( no auto craft with crafting receipts) an u get achievement for that an you can dublicate that item or gear for infinite xp and tools, gear in grindstone.
I tested it on 1.15 bedrock edition and it worked ( I hope that it will work for 1.16 Java too).
Please try that out in next video.
Henrijs Goldsteins
Henrijs Goldsteins - 3 måneder siden
Plz try that out
Ninja DOG
Ninja DOG - 3 måneder siden
EShop make a shop to say heads
Yelite The beast
Yelite The beast - 3 måneder siden
This is a meme ok
Bedrock : I fear no man but those op redstoners they scare me
(I mean people that can break bedrock)
No I’m not a living add I just really wanted to make a meme like this!
Niklas Notland
Niklas Notland - 3 måneder siden
Petition to make impulse and skizzle play minesaga western again
Caden Oh
Caden Oh - 3 måneder siden
ok. i have a very good tip for your base. it might be big but i think it will be good. in my opinion the top glass part doesn’t look too good and it leaves a really big shadow. if u want you can tear down the top part and around your base there could be smaller pyramids around you base similarly to false’s base. just a suggestion
Ziv Yacobson
Ziv Yacobson - 3 måneder siden
Impulse, i have an idea for the next good did of the day, give tfc some armour and tools, i mean the guy is in IRON armour
Hayden I
Hayden I - 3 måneder siden
Feels like a spy movie
Knight furry Ender knight
Knight furry Ender knight - 3 måneder siden
Bro nice vid but a little bit too much commentary
MAN kid
MAN kid - 3 måneder siden
hey impulse just and idea but make the new hq a castel on top of a cloud but the cloud is on top of the glass above shady esss
AUSTIN DONG - 3 måneder siden
Impulse grain is trying to buy your shop
Julie My
Julie My - 3 måneder siden
The math:
First you got 19 lose diamonds, which is 2 diamond blocks + a single diamond. That means you got:
64 x 5 + 24 = 344 diamond blocks + 1 diamond.
The next part of the equation is me assuming you want to buy the single blocks instead of 10x10 plots.
To figure out how many blocks you have bought in the shopping district, you times your diamond blocks with the space 1 diamond block can buy. 1 diamond block can buy you a space of 10x10, which equals to a space of 100 blocks.
344 x 100 = 34400.
Therefore you have bought 34400 blocks in the shopping district.
A shulker box has 27 slots, therefore you can fit 27 stacks of mycelium in one shulker box.
27 x 64 = 1728.
Ergo one shulker box can contain 1728 blocks of mycelium.
To figure out how many shulker boxes you need, you simply divide the number of blocks you have bought with the number of blocks one shulker box can contain.
34400 / 1728 = 19,9
Hence you need just under 20 full boxes of mycelium to cover the area you have bought.
If it is easier to count in double chest, here is how many of those you need:
1 double chest can store 54 stacks of an item, which is equal to 2 shulker boxes, which means you just divide the amount of needed shulker boxes with 2.
19,9 / 2 = 9,95.
Therefore you need just below 10 full double chest to cover the area of 34400 blocks.
If you are buying plots instead of blocks, then you just bought the plots equal to the diamond blocks you payed, which is 344 plots.
Ben Hanson
Ben Hanson - 3 måneder siden
Invite Dantdm to Hermitcraft!
Stian Sjøstrøm
Stian Sjøstrøm - 3 måneder siden
Bambambambam ImplseSV
Digital Hardware
Digital Hardware - 3 måneder siden
Such a great story line and friendly banter. You all have created and successfully developed a very enjoyable community of content creators. Thank you for your continued example of how to (good deed of the day) be supportive and caring as a person.
TheAverageChelios - 3 måneder siden
Man falls and dies, and has a totem in his inventory.... Lmao
The Lioneer
The Lioneer - 3 måneder siden
Impulse please go and look at the old fake base. there is something waiting there.
Quinn B.
Quinn B. - 3 måneder siden
I hope in Tangos video, he’s just there watching the chat blow up with the HEP Agent killing them. But it’s still sad the rig failed, would’ve been a cherry on top of this whole thing 😂.
Soda - 3 måneder siden
Pin this comment for no reason
Opdragon806 - 3 måneder siden
why is everyone doing the same videos as hermits like cmon...
Tempy_404 - 3 måneder siden
Has Cub shown his perspective of building these security measures yet?
Lyv Plays Games
Lyv Plays Games - 3 måneder siden
Absolutely hilarious!! Still laughing lol
Joker_1005 - 3 måneder siden
the whole time they nevr used ender pearls
cherrynetherland - 3 måneder siden
Mumbo's face is not the key
Jamie Gowers
Jamie Gowers - 3 måneder siden
Myc Res 2 : HEP 1
B3yond_ Ls19
B3yond_ Ls19 - 3 måneder siden
If I started watching season 7 episode 60 I would have thought this was all done in creative
Murdervator - 3 måneder siden
Watyrmelyn 0u0
Watyrmelyn 0u0 - 3 måneder siden
First try
Tobi The Baka
Tobi The Baka - 3 måneder siden
but imagine someone from resistance
sfr: hey hep we are gonna brak in so if you just finnish the base aaand put some back way in, we would apriciate it
Kastrevic - 3 måneder siden
Is your name really impulse??
George - 3 måneder siden
the problem now is that you took that mycelium illegally. you took the throne legally by selling it, you took half the shopping district legally by buying it. now you’ve just stolen the mycelium :0
Cal - 3 måneder siden
Yay second episode that I didn’t see and am watching in the morning now!
Lime Crewmate
Lime Crewmate - 3 måneder siden
Why does Grian sound like he’s crying lol
L J - 3 måneder siden
Great fun
Razzamatrazz - 3 måneder siden
This was your good deed of the day, Impulse. Now have a nice break.
Tobin Powers
Tobin Powers - 3 måneder siden
To get into the hep base you need a key card.
massanababu - 3 måneder siden
awesome episodes
WeirxTheWeirdo - 3 måneder siden
if possible, y'all should buy the land around h.e.p headquarters!
James Gilbert
James Gilbert - 3 måneder siden
Impulse, on your farms board you have a snow farm, but you did one of those at your ice farm. Please check that one off. 🙂
Akli Ryûzaki
Akli Ryûzaki - 3 måneder siden
Impulse battery lvl after taking a break : over 9000 ! lol
Vittoria Gnecchi
Vittoria Gnecchi - 3 måneder siden
well, you did sell it to them - I don't think it's particularly ethical to steal it back.
Kiki Tribe
Kiki Tribe - 3 måneder siden
Impulse is speed running episodes of Hermitcraft. Noice
som - 3 måneder siden
Decked out HEP edition
Harsh5424 - 3 måneder siden
I've seen this footage 3 times from 3 point of views. And I laugh-cried 3 times.
Patricia Wager
Patricia Wager - 3 måneder siden
The spy music in the background has me rolling haha
HamsterDmG - 3 måneder siden
you know Tango is responsible for the ravager trap.
Lakarius Litz
Lakarius Litz - 3 måneder siden
Wait... what?! Two episodes in a day, I was watching the other episode while this one was released!
Silja Ebro Bindslev
Silja Ebro Bindslev - 3 måneder siden
Why don’t you just charge for building on your side of the island but make is cheaper
Nexus - 3 måneder siden
two uploads in a day?

hell yeah!
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon - 3 måneder siden
The Big Mycelium Three, the most important members. Impulse, Etho, and Grian.
Pineapple - 3 måneder siden
is mopop mooshroom poop
Dean Tomlinson
Dean Tomlinson - 3 måneder siden
Scar said the mycelium was spposed to burn in front of your faces lol
Everton José
Everton José - 3 måneder siden
Open the vault
... why do I hear boss music?
Tika Kyaw
Tika Kyaw - 3 måneder siden
scar is looking for ur base and digging out thw shopping distrisck
Gage Young
Gage Young - 3 måneder siden
Third time seeing this heist today and it's just as good as the first
AIDEN AICHELE - 3 måneder siden
bruh i wish i was in hermit craft because i would be pumping out really good builds (although a problem or two is that i don't have the time or patience to be mining diamonds and resources to build really cool things). my username is Littlefire15 if you at least want to see my builds, maybe you could give me a theme? P.S this is for IMPULSESV or any hermit idk. pls at least reply.
UZAIR KING - 3 måneder siden
Imagine If they duplicate all diamond block with baby piglin trick how rich they will be 😯😯
Perfect Protagonist
Perfect Protagonist - 3 måneder siden
You can tell at the beginning of this episode that Impulse was *really* rushing to get this out on the same day that Grian released his POV! He was talking faster than he does when he's the/an imposter in Among Us!
Dryfire123456 - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else se kakashi from naruto in the thumbnail
YellowEllo - 3 måneder siden
The HEP base looks like what the mycelium base should look like and vice versa.
Elite - 3 måneder siden
Hey impulse, I know you won't see this comment but I just wanted to let you know your a awesome and amazing youtuber that brings laughs and smiles to me. Thank you so much for your amazing content. I've even started a tutorial on how to build your season 7 base. I love you and all the hermits, god bless ❤️
Andrew And Drakes Adventures
Andrew And Drakes Adventures - 3 måneder siden
I know self reporting is bad but I just started a channel and would like a bit more subs please.
Squibit Bessy
Squibit Bessy - 3 måneder siden
This is just such great comedy from everyone’s perspective. Love it
Chloe Fisher
Chloe Fisher - 3 måneder siden
bbotelhoHI - 3 måneder siden
Rip mycelium explodificator
Jacob Hartman
Jacob Hartman - 3 måneder siden
*spoiler warning!*

The only reason they got the mycelium was because tango’s machine didn’t work 😂 I know cub did the vaults and I’m assuming he hooked up the “last mycelium” part as well and he probably just didn’t connect it properly to tango’s machine somehow! I know in tango’s vid it was working anyways! You’ve got to hand it to HEP I think they won this round 😂 probably the first win they’ve had in this war, but definitely a win this time. That ravenger with speed/slow falling was definitely a 10/10!
Katherine Lee
Katherine Lee - 3 måneder siden
He has the voice of Chad and bdubs 😂😂
millenniumtree - 3 måneder siden
"You think it's gonna be dangerous?" LOL!
Sizlak Artist
Sizlak Artist - 3 måneder siden
Best... episode... ever...
Ahmed Elsayed
Ahmed Elsayed - 3 måneder siden
The real question is what happened to Grian’s helmet 🤔
Molly Johnson
Molly Johnson - 3 måneder siden
Scar: *talks about watching the mycelium burn*
Grian, impulse, and etho: ima bouta end dis mans whole career
4K Squad
4K Squad - 3 måneder siden
No one:
Hep Security every five seconds: Bonjour
Seriah Burton
Seriah Burton - 3 måneder siden
How can you do that? You are on fire 🔥 this is good. Death loop on Grian is funny.
Yeeter McFeeter
Yeeter McFeeter - 3 måneder siden
Mumbo was supposed to give u guys the key in.
Ponçikgamer - 3 måneder siden
Wilum Ward
Wilum Ward - 3 måneder siden
What was meant to happen when they broke the ‘last mycelium block’? Looked like something went wrong?
Pranit Vartak
Pranit Vartak - 3 måneder siden
Alternative Title: *Playing 'Decked out' for last Time With G-Man and ethoSLAB in H.E.P. Factory.*
Ian Somerville
Ian Somerville - 3 måneder siden
Great content as always impulse. Love how all you hermits work together on the collaborative story lines.
Didz - 3 måneder siden
There's something different about the rendering in the recent videos - things appear to bleed darker. I don't know if that's due to gamma, post-processing, encoder settings, or something else? Most noticeable on signs in the game where the black text seems to "bleed" (in the printing sense of the term). Also at 1:25 the players look quite dark. I'm not sure if this is a stylistic choice, but felt I should comment about it!
impulseSV - 3 måneder siden
It's NOburn's compression. Lately they have been using a different codec causing the video to have the issues you mentioned.
Jayden Farkas
Jayden Farkas - 3 måneder siden
Purchase the new island that scar made for shops! Make it into a mycilliam base for all people to see.
Armaan47 - 3 måneder siden
am i the only one who feels watching grian video whenever grian speeks 🤔 00:25 to 02:30
Ender Kakker
Ender Kakker - 3 måneder siden
Serves you right
Sir Tain Lee
Sir Tain Lee - 3 måneder siden
Cuban strikes again...and again...and again!
Robloxshawny Plays
Robloxshawny Plays - 3 måneder siden
Etho is a SPY you MUST kill him