Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 067: Multi-Item Sorting System Back Online!

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In this episode, I finally get around to fixing my multi-item sorting system, get some super cheap villager trades for bottle o' enchanting, and then we go head to head against Bdubs in Grian's mini-game as part of the Turf War contest.
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Runtime: 24:06


MelodyGoPlay - 8 dager siden
Who else thought the airplane in the thumbnail was a real one?
Zoe - 10 dager siden
How do you make this sorting system??
Joel Antony Joseph
Joel Antony Joseph - 24 dager siden
How do we make such sorting systems? All I can find is those which filter one item into one double chest. How useless is that lol
Jeremiah Brumfield
Jeremiah Brumfield - Måned siden
Impulse dont rub it in grain still has to finish the back of his base
Mister Itchy
Mister Itchy - 2 måneder siden
Here's impulse channeling Skizz!
Elifan 06
Elifan 06 - 2 måneder siden
Fun fact: Mano y mano is spanish for ''Hand and hand'' which makes no sense when you talk about head to head against each other in a battle or race!
I'm Swedish but learning Spanish so ik those words
1081_sci_fyjc_G_Ranjith Ravi Nayak
I think impulse shouldnt be giving grian much share of the profit from the mini barge as it was grian who approached him and he has no effort into the restocking and stuff. He just provides a place to sell it in. I will say around 20-25% of the profit will be viable, dont give 50% of the profit to him that seems so wrong!
Slither Man
Slither Man - 2 måneder siden
Grian: 3, 2, 1
YouTube: Time for a ad!
Harsh Sayer
Harsh Sayer - 2 måneder siden
Why not make a big underground water city with water around along with outside security forces and Canon.making own underground city
REDWOOD13 - 2 måneder siden
Little late but add a piston block that comes down behind where they stand so they bottles of enchanting hit that
Maradnus - 2 måneder siden
Autosorters are so over rated.
By far manual sorting is the way forward.
Riley Vallance
Riley Vallance - 2 måneder siden
Bdubs' flip with the Elytra at 19:02 though... watch that in slow mo...😲
Camron Northrup
Camron Northrup - 2 måneder siden
Love the videos impulse, maybe a time to upgrade the mic? I'm hearing a lot of background noise between each word.
Seea Starfalling
Seea Starfalling - 2 måneder siden
Make a cartoon looking present and put somewhere around his base. Or even a jack in the box present. As for what should go in it, got no clue.
Zakcasipe1771 YT
Zakcasipe1771 YT - 2 måneder siden
Special In HEP:
Mumbo: Redstone
Tango: Genius
Bdubs and Scar: Builder
Mycelium Resistance:
ImpulseSV: Redstone
Grian: Very Genius And Builder
Docm: Traper
Etho: Kakashi....
Legends of Gods
Legends of Gods - 2 måneder siden
Legends of Gods
Legends of Gods - 2 måneder siden
H’mmj inbik klumii
Bradley M
Bradley M - 2 måneder siden
👁️👄👁️ New Rickroll of 2021!!
Its_moory - 2 måneder siden
Are we going to talk about how instead of putting the lever on the lamp bdubs put the leaver in the middle of the board where there was no lamps and he calls himself the red stone master
I Is Chengu
I Is Chengu - 2 måneder siden
Ah yes youtube the "green skydive"
Matolcsy Attila
Matolcsy Attila - 2 måneder siden
2:42 somebody payed u a bit extra
Sam Van Herck
Sam Van Herck - 2 måneder siden
If Bdubs had 13 points he would have had the 12 from the first at water and 1 yellow hoop. This means Bdubs had only 1 hoop and is disqualified for the 12 last points. From the first two rounds Impulse had 17 and 5 but Bdubs had just 17 and 4 last round was 1 1 so Impulse actually wins with 1 point
grondhero - 2 måneder siden
Fun episode to watch, but I'm rooting for the Grass guys!
#GrassGang #GreenTeam #WhatAboutPodzol
Finby Oasta
Finby Oasta - 2 måneder siden
Because of the "you must go through 2 hoops to qualify" rule, I think Bdubs wouldn't have gotten the 12 point bonus on the third go as he scored a total of 13, meaning that he only went down one hoop. That'd make the scores 23 for Impulse and 22/21 for Bdubs, in which case the Mycelium Resistance would have won. This depends if the last sign refers to the 12 point bonus or all the points in general.
Edit: Seeing Bdub's footage, he passed through 2 hoops on the last round; Grian just didn't add the score properly xP.
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever - 2 måneder siden
It's business in the front and party in the back Impulse
Volico - 2 måneder siden
Has anyone else realized that BdoubleO is just Boo
Ryler Hinkle
Ryler Hinkle - 2 måneder siden
you should make it that Grian can take prismerine whenever he wants
ShootBigBucks Gaming
ShootBigBucks Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Hook a piston to the mending machine that pushes a block down behind you so the EXP orbs don't go in the hallway, or a door.
Alexander Lea
Alexander Lea - 2 måneder siden
The meta in the skydiving game is to take two yellow rings then fall to the bottom as fast as you can
Morvius113 - 2 måneder siden
So regarding the XP flying out of the Mending Machine... Is there any reason you wouldn't have the door close behind a hermit and install a button to open it from the inside when they're finished? It seems that would keep the XP orbs from going outside the machine...
Unwittnessed Spaghetti
Unwittnessed Spaghetti - 2 måneder siden
6:44 okay, Grian
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari - 2 måneder siden
In my opinion, impulse has the best laugh in hermitcraft
Lucy Irvine
Lucy Irvine - 2 måneder siden
Bdubs shouldn't have won the last one as he got 13 which is 1 point plus the 12 so he shouldn't have got the 12 meaning the mycelium resistance should have won
Notorius Productions
Notorius Productions - 2 måneder siden
I commented this on Bdubs video but it happened again on Impulse’s too Grian’s countdown for the jump lined up perfectly with the countdown for the ad it was weird that it happened once but twice?!
ANDREW - 2 måneder siden
I want hep to win just because I like grass better
ricardo Wielemaker
ricardo Wielemaker - 2 måneder siden
Hello mister Impulse,
Can you make a tutorial of the xp bottle machine? Thanks!!
Jade Winger
Jade Winger - 2 måneder siden
6:04 Impulse : "Sports Ball"
Zachery Robinson
Zachery Robinson - 2 måneder siden
Impulse! You should put the xp thing in the Barge! Increase profits for both you and Grian:)
Isa Amir
Isa Amir - 2 måneder siden
We all know impulse intentionally lose for content don't we 😉
Rakib anni
Rakib anni - 2 måneder siden
grian best mini game ?
Luna Love
Luna Love - 2 måneder siden
Here I am enjoying your vid and I get a notif for a delivery 🚚 I wasn’t expecting anything and then... I GOT MY IMPULSE PLUSHIE! Christmas came early!!! ♥️♥️♥️ now to hide it from my daughter before she steals it from me forever
Ryebread Not a noob
Ryebread Not a noob - 2 måneder siden
When Impulse said one emerald per bottle of enchanting my “math brain” clicked on
Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson - 2 måneder siden
Ayyyyyy. Steve Nash! He’s the reason I’m from Chicago but a suns fan. He was such a fun player.
DreamEr - 2 måneder siden
The mentioning of Steve Nash #13 just made me instantly love you more!!!
Olivia Drake
Olivia Drake - 2 måneder siden
Alright that’s enough sports ball talk
Caleb Wilhelm
Caleb Wilhelm - 2 måneder siden
You should get all the hermits to each bring a gift and make a giant present for tango like 100x100 blocks
Pyro Maniac
Pyro Maniac - 2 måneder siden
Your favorite number is 13 😳
Fusilie Fusi
Fusilie Fusi - 2 måneder siden
Idea for Tango: Access to all the hermit-farms for the rest of the season :) And a statue, of course.
Thijs van der Kley
Thijs van der Kley - 2 måneder siden
mega good deed of the day for tango
Jonatan Tenggren
Jonatan Tenggren - 2 måneder siden
Replicate the Grian game and do it with skiz. Would be a fun time 😀
MysticalMoon - 2 måneder siden
20:07 that Bdubs voice crack was amazing 🤣😂😂
Levi Blanchard
Levi Blanchard - 2 måneder siden
Tango: ‘yeah he loves it when I call him impy’
Impulse: ‘Really, your gunna call me impy for Christmas’ 😆
Nick Morales
Nick Morales - 2 måneder siden
Steve nash is my favorite player of all time
ᗩYTOᗩᗪ - 2 måneder siden
Grian: 3, 2, 1–
fergus hebbert
fergus hebbert - 2 måneder siden
I thought grian was wearing scar's suit
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown - 2 måneder siden
2:45 you can see the spot above the empty slot, there is three instead of two. Whoever bought the emeralds forgot a diamond
Jurre Ten Berge
Jurre Ten Berge - 2 måneder siden
Wait isn't every one live together to watch the turf war?
Bamboo_Playz - 2 måneder siden
Nice video impy!
The Yeti
The Yeti - 2 måneder siden
In me and my friend's own SMP world I also made a mending machine but rather than dispensing xp it vends out mending books so that was fun, though this definitely makes more sense being called mending machine.

Not too much later it got griefed with explosions and mean signs :(
Knight-26 - 2 måneder siden
Grian: I'm a pretty goOd FlYEr
Grian some video die while flying down talking
Ben Yerkes
Ben Yerkes - 2 måneder siden
I thought bdubs only got all lamps+ prophets if hep won the turf war, not groans game
Ben Yerkes
Ben Yerkes - 2 måneder siden
Chris Smith
Chris Smith - 2 måneder siden
So one thing I noticed with Grian's Rings of Death minigame is that the bonus for finishing first makes going through the rings worthless.
Finishing first nets you 12 points, for a total of at least 14 (the two ring minimum to qualify).
Conversely, there's about a total of 25 points you can get via rings. However, this means you have to get all four layers of red rings (any one of which can easily kill you). Without backtracking, you cannot win collecting only orange and yellow rings.
I think a better point system would have been to make the orange rings worth 3 and the finishing bonus worth 10.
BDub's actually has the correct strategy. You can fall faster than you fly and so long as you get two rings, you're pretty much guaranteed to win.
(At 16:50 when impulse lost and jumped down, he collected 6 points (two yellow, two orange).
Torben Mayer
Torben Mayer - 2 måneder siden
Emeralds and Totems might be the best selling stock this season.
Dark Prismarine: Am I a joke to you?
Ruff Ruff
Ruff Ruff - 2 måneder siden
Give tango the barkinprint
Carter Newman
Carter Newman - 2 måneder siden
You should’ve titled this video falling with style
JohnnyNordx - 2 måneder siden
impulse lose to bdouble, if you want play dirty you can just make sure the lamp shop is out of stuck for a month. It is impulse that stuck all the beacons after all.
also, tango have given a lot of his Emeralds away, so can be good gift.
HB LeBlanc
HB LeBlanc - 2 måneder siden
Looks like BDubs is Top Gun. ;)
Lion Main
Lion Main - 2 måneder siden
Hey impulse, i love you videoas so much!! Please, try to make them 25 to 30 minutes long, pleeaaase! Thank you, have a good day
Jonah Tebbetts
Jonah Tebbetts - 2 måneder siden
Merry Christmas to all including impy
Hiba Carter
Hiba Carter - 2 måneder siden
Popovici Paul Adrian
Popovici Paul Adrian - 2 måneder siden
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Fattipotato79 - 2 måneder siden
DarkCloud9 - 2 måneder siden
I think i noticed something that no one else noticed.
Bdubs got 13 on the last round. Which means he got the 1 from going through one ring and the 12 (obviously from being first) which means he didn't meet the last rule:
"You have to go through at least 2 rings."
blackeh - 2 måneder siden
Maybe try adding a close button for the "repair room" and see if it will trap the XP orbs better
Lawrence - 2 måneder siden
You should make the button connected to the piston so it closes when dispensing exp bottles
Sammify lol
Sammify lol - 2 måneder siden
How did bdubs get 13 points. That would be 1 plus 12 so he only went through one hoop
Rantseys - 2 måneder siden
Impulse likes steve nash??? damn more reason to love watching him 😁🔥
The Youssef's World
The Youssef's World - 2 måneder siden
what the store did break , but i did fix it ages ago and i am using it in my server and it work like a charm
Mine Minecrafft
Mine Minecrafft - 2 måneder siden
Some one shuld put a mumbo jumbo head on the armor stand in the wack a stand game referencing mumbo being a mole in s6
Cpt.Nicholl - 2 måneder siden
The wager do not work like that. In Grains video he explained it that whichever team wins that's what wagers go to. (If that makes sense)
Abigail Topliss
Abigail Topliss - 2 måneder siden
All the hermit’s titles: mini games, war!
Impulse’s title: sorting systems!
Victor - 2 måneder siden
Isn't the wager supposed to be for when HEP wins? Not just for this game?
John Lexter
John Lexter - 2 måneder siden
Dunno why but impulse post this vid Dec 17.. but today is Dec 18 and the notification said it was 20 min ago?..... May I ask are from the other side of the world?
khazoona - 2 måneder siden
that scoring system is so dumb.. better off not going through the rings at all
Andrew Frank
Andrew Frank - 2 måneder siden
I think tango might use that platform to start all his cuts where he flies in and puts the gifts inside the presents.
Boydoid - 2 måneder siden
U should make the door close behind you so xp doesn’t fly out
Andrei S.
Andrei S. - 2 måneder siden
Impulse, here is a big brain tip: if you don't stock the lamps shop at all you won't have to give Bdubs all the diamonds cause there will be no diamonds
pancak E
pancak E - 2 måneder siden
2:42 theres a stack of 3 diamonds instead of 2
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy - 2 måneder siden
The beacon beams that shoot up through the middle of your base would look better if they were orange.
vincent van der Lelie
vincent van der Lelie - 2 måneder siden
he has to go to 2 rings and he has 13 points so that means he go to 1 hoop
Da Green Musketeer
Da Green Musketeer - 2 måneder siden
Never thought that Impulse is also a Grian like scar and Bdubs. They seem to not finish the back of their bases lol.
Antriksh Gupta
Antriksh Gupta - 2 måneder siden
Impulse you could fix the xp bottle dropping outside the room problem by making the door close after someone comes in to mending area
Pussycat Gaming
Pussycat Gaming - 2 måneder siden
For the XP machine maybe have the piston door close behind the hermit who goes in so the Xp doesn’t go flying out
king rabbit
king rabbit - 2 måneder siden
with impuls lossing that mini game that means he dosent have to restock lamps plus and bdubs dose
nottabandaid - 2 måneder siden
@impulseSV I've been having trouble with the sorting system sorting just 1 item. Like if you put 1 cobblestone into the input the minecart won't go. Any ideas?
Fuzzy RL
Fuzzy RL - 2 måneder siden
I like how you stock the shop and do all the work and bdubs just rebuilds it and gets full profits for a mounth
Drake Summers
Drake Summers - 2 måneder siden
How did Bdubs score a 13 on the last one that means he only went through one ring and got 12 points for asking it to the bottom first
Letus the Dragon
Letus the Dragon - 2 måneder siden
Would putting a pressure plate one the inside of the mending machine to your t-flipflop so the door closes behind them stop the XP orbs from flying away work, if at all possible?
Drake - 2 måneder siden
Wait, if they had to pass through 2 hoops to make first-to-the-bottom points count and that bonus is 12 points... how did Bdubs win it with 13 points? SHENANIGANS
Daniel Farrar
Daniel Farrar - 2 måneder siden
Profits may have to go to Bdubs, but you sure don't have to restock! ;)
Malcolm Henderson
Malcolm Henderson - 2 måneder siden
Ok is it just me or does impulse remind me of mark rober.
A T - 2 måneder siden
Omg, he totally does