Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 078: Funky Beats For Stress!

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In this episode, we get a tour of Stress' base and move on in. Then we strike up a deal with VintageBeef to install a drumset in her base and I create some funky beats using noteblocks.
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Intro Music:
Song: Stellar - JJD & AudioBlade
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
Video: noburn.info/id/video/343YiZSIYn5sqpg.html
Download: 99l.tv/stellarYU
Gaming, Minecraft
#minecraft #hermitcraft #impulseSV
Runtime: 24:02


Insta Egg Chick
Insta Egg Chick - 2 timer siden
Instead of stress-pulse he could call himself Imp-oster....oh
Karike - 2 timer siden
Shelley - 6 timer siden
I'm fond of ImpMonster.
Happy Unicorn
Happy Unicorn - 8 timer siden
The chicken should be called JEFF !!!
The MountainMan
The MountainMan - 9 timer siden
ItsTime ToDance
ItsTime ToDance - 9 timer siden
Sir. Poopsalot would be an adequate name for the chicken I believe.
TyceCraft - 10 timer siden
U should call the chicken, nugget
epictigerHD - 11 timer siden
Sam C
Sam C - 12 timer siden
Impulses base now says trans rights lol
Devin - 13 timer siden
Name of chicken should be Nuggets.
ex nihilo
ex nihilo - 15 timer siden
oh whatever, man up and just leave it pink. it looks good.
Nateatron - 15 timer siden
IMPULSE name the chicken: Brain cell #1
Nateatron - 15 timer siden
and the bee: brain cell #2
ex nihilo
ex nihilo - 15 timer siden
Poultrygeist for the chicken name.
John Minecraft
John Minecraft - 17 timer siden
Jennifer - 18 timer siden
I like the pink that stress put in. The drum tune is cool
Karrikua - 19 timer siden
I am excited about you and Stress swapping bases for a while!
Thor Rosselló-Tang
Thor Rosselló-Tang - 19 timer siden
The karalis colction
Sensory_ Eris_
Sensory_ Eris_ - 19 timer siden
Name the chicken Mia owo
Gawroon7 - 20 timer siden
actually the pink is the best suitng colour. add some green/blue back but leave 2/3 pink and its gonna be awzum.
Subtotalcamp875 - 20 timer siden
I like how every hermit that swapped bases is like, “it YOUR problem now!”
mustansir vasi
mustansir vasi - 22 timer siden
Albert for the chicken
Anthony Lucas
Anthony Lucas - 22 timer siden
Keep it pink!
Ella Corkum
Ella Corkum - 23 timer siden
Aqua (as in water)
Simon Bønding
Simon Bønding - Dag siden
6:45 Oh no brain cancer!
Lane Schutter
Lane Schutter - Dag siden
In stress it's a mixed up stress and impulse
Cody Butcher
Cody Butcher - Dag siden
Chicken name: Idea fairy
Racram04 - Dag siden
16:33 the chicken was vibin with the beats
spyagent_107 - Dag siden
Mr. Pecker ( Chicken Name )
Bennett Marks
Bennett Marks - Dag siden
You should name the bee BeefSkall after Vintage as an homage for building the drum set
Ekansh Goel
Ekansh Goel - Dag siden
Name the chicken impress impulse and stress mashup
Vladimir Novitski
Vladimir Novitski - Dag siden
Embrace the pink
Bigbonnanu - Dag siden
name the chicken grain not grian but grain
WTZWBlaze - Dag siden
I feel I should mention, now that you have Stress’s base, it’s your responsibility to discover and deal with the secret base that Ren hid there. Good luck!
Ethan Mustard
Ethan Mustard - Dag siden
Captain clucks
Fabian Singer
Fabian Singer - Dag siden
Pls name the chicken blucky
Onnuri Gabriel
Onnuri Gabriel - Dag siden
the chiking poops a lot so what about chikpoops for the name?
Onnuri Gabriel
Onnuri Gabriel - Dag siden
Guinea Gamer
Guinea Gamer - Dag siden
while Stress was talking about pink, an ad popped up about some kind of pink drink. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
chazz30000 - Dag siden
This f*cking shit is why I hate this whole base swap. I don't care for stress monsters builds and now her shit is going to be splattered through all of Impulse's base once he gets it back. Stupid idea, I hope it dies as quick as possible
NightKrowe - Dag siden
It's been a while since you gambled with the hermits... You'd be a real high roller if you bet a deed ;)
Daniel Guimarães
Daniel Guimarães - Dag siden
Pls name the chicken 'Chicken Joe'
rubyrobotic - Dag siden
turpinator77 - Dag siden
Name the chicken? Impultry
CyberJJC - Dag siden
#Chicken Name - Kentucky Fried or Popeye. LOL.
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever - Dag siden
Impulse, you MUST make your i pink.
Just imagine how it would look like lol
Jena H
Jena H - Dag siden
not gonna lie, the pink on your base is my favorite so far. it's got tropical flamingo vibes. i love it!
KC_Saber - Dag siden
iLayDaEggs. Easy name for the chicken.
Flooded Mars
Flooded Mars - Dag siden
"THE GLASS MUST'VE BEEN SUCH A PANE" thankyou for the pun
Vortex-_-Gamez 1
Vortex-_-Gamez 1 - Dag siden
Name the chicken MC Klucker
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith - Dag siden
Definitely should call himself Pulsemonster
Ben M.
Ben M. - Dag siden
Why do you sound like Blue from OSP?
Cy8er Cat
Cy8er Cat - Dag siden
You should make the beat Wild Side and have Cleo make you a Tommy Lee drummer
Amy Woodson
Amy Woodson - Dag siden
Impusle you should have beef make an entire band and rig up a song underneath with noteblocks
Zen Rock
Zen Rock - Dag siden
My own little drummer heart exploded with happiness when you made even that simple drum beat In minecraft using noteblocks!! I feel like i now need to make my own because its just so amazing.
sammy stuff
sammy stuff - Dag siden
If tango and zed can play a instrument I want a song from them
Biopunk Technocracy
Biopunk Technocracy - Dag siden
Make the Pink look more Evil. Neon Evil or something
Chris B
Chris B - Dag siden
Awww, time for flowers, maybe a corel/glass flower garden in the water around the base...
MEGA OMEGA3471 - Dag siden
Can you make a tutorial on how to make the drum beet
Scott Webb
Scott Webb - Dag siden
@ImpulseSV What method do you use to play borderless so the game doesn't minimize while accessing other screens?
da Real Waffle
da Real Waffle - Dag siden
Call the chicken Senor cluck
GG LagMaster
GG LagMaster - Dag siden
Ben French
Ben French - Dag siden
CARL THE CHICKEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
L D Poké vids
L D Poké vids - Dag siden
Moonwatcher - Dag siden
Stresspulse should be the name of the band and the chicken's name should be Impress or Jezalthy because.
Huntracony - Dag siden
I say, keep it pink!
Shawna Anderson
Shawna Anderson - Dag siden
bee: john nickname for bee: johny

chiken: bob nickname for chicken: boby
nikita hibma
nikita hibma - Dag siden
soveel van jou
archie scott
archie scott - Dag siden
You should name the chicken sir Bobby
Steven Weyhrich
Steven Weyhrich - Dag siden
"Captain Cluck"
Dominik Linker
Dominik Linker - Dag siden
VintageBeef: I can take off everything if you like.
Me: 😳 well
Karl aalund
Karl aalund - Dag siden
Chiken name "Stress pulse"
BrownR87 - Dag siden
Impulse: maybe I should make my i pink to fit stress' base
Stress: I should turn this base pink to fit with me
Kar Khoie
Kar Khoie - Dag siden
#Keep it Pink!
I’ve worn pink shirt all my life, and women loved it! Pink is really cool!
PKua007 - Dag siden
6:50 In your heeeaaaad, in your heEaAAd, zo-o-mbieee, zo-o-mbiee-ee-ee-ee. Anyone?
Patroma - Dag siden
The chicken should be named
be named doris or daris
steven higgins
steven higgins - Dag siden
You should take a container from the harbour and put it in the sewer 🤣
Rhyss Andrei Labastilla
Make the skull cyberpunk or something.
Remi Dmytryshyn
Remi Dmytryshyn - Dag siden
“Stress changing the glass must have been such a pane”
Lé Creep
Lé Creep - Dag siden
Name the chicken Oggg
SquidgySquid007 - Dag siden
The chicken should be called egghead because he poops eggs in stress' head (:
Liam Young
Liam Young - Dag siden
Name for chicken:
Nuggie McNuggets
DAWSON PIPPIN - 2 dager siden
The chicken should be called cell as if the chicken was stress brain cell or u could call the chicken bc for brain cell
rndm nm
rndm nm - 2 dager siden
Maybe unpopular opinion but I think the base looks really good in pink. maybe a few other color tweaks with light blue and some others and it will look even better
Šárka Šuhajdová
Šárka Šuhajdová - 2 dager siden
call yourself Pulse Monster!!
RJ Caunter
RJ Caunter - 2 dager siden
The fact that they have all adapted to scars bad spelling! 😂
John Anderson
John Anderson - 2 dager siden
Rodney the Chicken
IAmCorgi ._.
IAmCorgi ._. - 2 dager siden
Name the chicken “emergency food”
Artsy Eli
Artsy Eli - 2 dager siden
The chicken should be named Beatrice because reasons
Luke Mackey
Luke Mackey - 2 dager siden
call yourself impulsemonster
TTVTheRealUnderScor - 2 dager siden
HelWarriorPL - 2 dager siden
jeff the chicken
Jared Harper
Jared Harper - 2 dager siden
Honestly the pink kinda looks better lol
l pyland
l pyland - 2 dager siden
Make his name kingley
Shattered Angel
Shattered Angel - 2 dager siden
Oh impulse... your not getting your base back...
Nick Buis
Nick Buis - 2 dager siden
Chicky mc chickchick
Dr. Trey
Dr. Trey - 2 dager siden
An aquarium for bees is an apiary
Leif Olav Saetenes
Leif Olav Saetenes - 2 dager siden
Chicken name potryman
Leif Olav Saetenes
Leif Olav Saetenes - 2 dager siden
Yuki San
Yuki San - 2 dager siden
Charli See Charli Du
Charli See Charli Du - 2 dager siden
That drum beat totally sounds like the PPAP beat.💀🤣
Augustin LE BAYON
Augustin LE BAYON - 2 dager siden
Name the bee Beem'pulse and the chiken chik'pulse